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1810 Census of Population and Housing

The third census, taken by the terms of an act of March 26, 1810, stipulated that the census was to be an actual inquiry at every dwelling house, or of the head of every family within each district, and not otherwise and commenced on the first Monday of August. No additional details concerning the population were collected by the census; however, an act of May 1, 1810, required marshals, secretaries, and assistants to take (under the Secretary of the Treasury), an account of the several manufacturing establishments and manufactures within their several districts, territories, and divisions. The marshals collected and transmitted these data to the Secretary of the Treasury at the same time as the results of the population enumeration were transmitted to the Secretary of State. No schedule was prescribed for the collection of industrial data and the nature of the inquiries were at the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury. An act of May 16, 1812, provided for the publication of a digest of manufactures containing data on the kind, quality, and value of goods manufactured, the number of establishments, and the number of machines of various kinds used in certain classes of manufactures. The report, containing in complete returns covering these items for more than 200 kinds of goods and included several items that were principally agricultural, was published in 1813. (quoted from the Census Bureau description)

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Publications for 1810 Census

Volume 1: Aggregate amount of each description of persons within the United States of America, and the Territories thereof

Microfiche 1227a no. 24084 (Media Stacks)
EBD 1405-1 (Microfiche, ask at desk)

Volume 2: A statement of the arts and manufactures of the United States of America, for the year 1810

I 4.5:2 (GOVPUB US)
American Culture Series--Microfilm Reel 404.14 (Media Stacks)
EBD 1405-2 (Microfiche, ask at desk)
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A Series of Tables of Several Branches of American Manufacturers of Every County in the Union so far as they are returned in the reports of the Marshals, and of the secretaries and of their respective assistants, in the autumn of the year 1810: Together with returns of certain doubtful Goods, Productions of the Soil and agricultural stock, so far as they have been received.

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