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League of Nations

Print materials in our collection are shelved in the Government Information International Stacks at 1012-1013. Although much of the collection has not been cataloged, Chinook includes records for some series published by the League. Search by author (League of Nations) or series title. In addition, the international title file in the Government Information Library includes brief title entries.



  • League of Nations Documents and Publications, 1919-46. New Haven, Conn., Research Publications, 1971-72. Government Publications.

    Includes 25,000 published and unpublished documents from the archives of the League. Documents are arranged in the following categories: administrative commissions; communications and transit; disarmament; economic relations and questions; financial administration; health; intellectual cooperation; international bureaus; legal questions; mandates; minorities; political questions; refugees; slavery; social questions; traffic in opium and other drugs; and general questions. Entries in each category are further subdivided by year and then provenance. The set also includes complete runs of important serial titles such as the Official Journal of the League of Nations, the Treaty Series, and statistical publications such as Epidemiological Reports, Armaments Yearbook, International Health Yearbook, Balance of Payments and International Trade Statistics, Statistical Yearbook, and World Economic Survey.
    Catherine J. Reynolds' review of the collection (Microform Review 1973, 2:272-7) contains valuable information on the contents of the collection, gaps in content, the editorial process, and finding aids. Reproduced (.pdf format) by permission of K. G. Saur Verlag GmbH.

    Guide to the microfilm:

  • League of Nations documents, 1919-1946; a descriptive guide and key to the microfilm collection. Edited by Edward A. Reno, Jr . New Haven, Conn., Research Publications, 1973-75. Z6473 .R45 v.1-3 Government Information Reference. Use the guide to identify publications and microfilm reel numbers. Ask at the Government Information office.

Research and Bibliographic Guides:

  • Aufricht, Hans. Guide to League of Nations Publications: A Bibliographical Survey of the Work of the League, 1920-1947. New York: Columbia University Press, 1951. Z6473 A85 c.2 Government Information Reference.
  • Birchfield, Mary Eva. Consolidated Catalog of League of Nations Publications Offered for Sale. Dobbs Ferry: Oceana, 1976. Z6479 Z9 B57 Government Information Reference.
  • Ghebali, Victor-Yves and Catherine. A Repertoire of League Serial Documents, 1919-1947/ Repertoire des Séries de Documents de la Société desNations 1919-1947. Dobbs Ferry: Oceana, 1973. Z6473 G45 v. 1-2. Government Information Reference.
  • McCaffrey-Noviss, Michael. The League of Nations. In International Information: Documents, Publications, and Electronic Information of International Government Organizations, 2nd ed.. Edited by Peter J. Hajnal. Littleton: Libraries Unlimited, 1997. JZ4850 I58 1997 c. 2. Government Information Reference.