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Some Recommended Web Sites on Genealogy



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Web Resources

Evaluating Web Sites

Family Photograph Albums


General reference tools



Online telephone and email directories

For telephone or email information.

Location or map information

US Mapping Information< (USGS)

Can assist in identifying e.g. a county or cemetery information.

Relationships and cousins charts

This is a section from Cyndi's List.

Provides the explanation for "second cousin twice removed" and other familial relationships.

Ethnic and racial groups



Indian Census Records

A collection of links to census records for American Indian tribes.

Cyndis List

Great place for beginning genealogical web surfers of all backgrounds.


Christine's Genealogy Web site

African American Web site


Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York

Information useful in Hispanic genealogical research.


Jewish Gen

Information useful in Jewish genealogy.


Government sources & public records



Bibliography of public records sources.


These guides are handy for identifying public records and the agencies responsible for maintaining the records, e.g. court houses.

Colorado Marriage and Divorce Records

Information on what the State Archives holds for these materials by year, with links to any digital collections.

General Land Office records
"GLO was established within the Treasury Dept. in 1812 to take charge of all survey and land title records." [Quote from Web site.]

Instant access to Federal land title records issued from 1820 to 1908.


Great Britain's National Archives


Homepage information for those interested in researching their British roots

Offers short guides that can be downloaded and explanations of e.g. the Doomsday Book.

National Foster Care & Adoption Directory Search

The National Foster Care & Adoption Directory (formerly the National Adoption Directory) offers adoption and foster care resources by State. For more customized search results, you may enter one or more keywords.

Has state statute information.


Secret No More


Get the FBI file number for access to files made available from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. For example the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, AIM, Black Panther Party, various union leaders, etc.

Offers letter templates to assist in writing a FOIA request.


Tapping Officials Secrets

Find out what the state statutes are in regard to accessing e.g. vital, student, or criminal records.

Great reference tool.

Vital Records Information United States


Identifies where one writes to request copies of birth, death, marriage, or divorce records. Fees are listed.

Some states provide limited Web access to vital records, e.g. Colorado and Kentucky.