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This webpage highlights resources of interest to family historians that originate with a government agency or department. Keep in mind that early citizens were government employees or served in the military, earned pensions, did business with the government, petitioned for citizenship, sought relief or restitution, or perhaps testified before Congress. 


The Government Information Library

Located on the third floor, southwest corner of Norlin Library, the Government Information library is a Federal Regional Depository Library and contains a wealth of U.S. history. The Government Information book stacks are located on the 3rd floor of Norlin Library.  Signage helps direct patrons through the stacks. Questions can be posed to govpubs@colorado.edu or by telephone, 303-492-8834. 


Check building hours which vary throughout the semester on the Norlin Library website


Please note that the following highlights a range of possibilities such as lists of archival collections, government web sites, or subscription databases, with the latter needing to  be used on the CU-Boulder campus. Ten open, public-access computers are available in the Science Library, located on the second floor of Norlin Library. There are other computers but public patrons need to be logged in by Library personnel who staff the Research Desk. There is a time limit if students await computers.


Saving Files

Bring a flash drive to download and save full text documents from subscription databases or saved pdf files can be emailed (but be sure you have ability to receive large files).  Microfilm readers, located on the second floor of Norlin Library, can accommodate a flash/jump drive to save film images from microfilm or microfiche.   Pages and images on microfilm or microfiche can also be scanned and emailed one page at a time.  Note: The microfilm equipment is challenging to use.



Copy Card

Be sure to bring cash to buy a copy card which requires $1.00 (no coins).  Once purchased one can use cash or a credit card to add value to the card.


Be aware that as of August 2013 campus construction makes getting to Norlin, or the Map Library, challenging at best.  Consider taking the bus but be sure to confirm stops close to the library you wish to visit.  If driving, consult CU’s Parking and Transportation Services to identify public parking garages and fees.

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Free Sites to Explore

National Archives and Records Administration

Great resources for starting genealogical research.

Upcoming NARA virtual genealogical fair

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System


The Library of Congress' American Memory


Journals, Bills, American State Papers, Serial Set and Debates 1774-1875


Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records

Access to Federal land conveyance records for public lands sold to private citizens.  Patents are deeds transferring land ownership from the U.S. government to a purchaser.  Images of the patents are available from 1820 (not all are completely digitized yet, however).

Google Patents- Every Family has an Inventor!

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Subscription Databases (you must be on campus to access these)


Full text service which provides access to Congressional bills and bill status, legislative histories, hearings, Congressional Record, congressional reports and documents, biographical, financial and voting record information, laws, proposed and existing regulations, searchable full-text journals and other information. .


U.S. Congressional Serial Set

Digital version of the bound, sequentially numbered volumes of all the Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Coverage begins with the 15th Congress (1817) and continues through the 96th (1980).  For documents and reports after 1980 consult Congressional publications.

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Manuscript Census (Names)

Census Population Schedules

Military Registers

U. S. Army Register

Library record can be found here

Government Information stacks: D 102.9: 1950-1974, M 108.8: 1948-1949, W 3.11: 1861-1911


Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army : from its organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903 / By Francis B. Heitman. Pub. under act of Congress approved March 2, 1903. Library record can be found here 

Government Information stacks:  W 3.11:789-903


Register of commissioned and warrant officers of the United States Navy and reserve officers on active duty. Library record can be found here 

Government Information stacks:  D 208.12 (from 1951) M 206.10 (1949)   N 1.10 (1859-1947)


Register of officer personnel, United States Navy and Marine Corps, and ships' data, 1801-1807. Library record can be found here

Government Information stacks:  N 16.2:B 23/2.


The War of the Rebellion : a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. Library record can be found here

Government Information stacks:  W 45.5   

Also available online at The Making of America (Cornell)


Official records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. Library Record can be found here

Government Information stacks: N 16.6.

Also available online at The Making of America (Cornell)

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State Government Resources

Schedules of the Colorado state census of 1885

Library record can be found here

Government Information microfilm GS 4.2:C 33c/885  8 reels   


Spanish archives of New Mexico 

Library record can be found here  

Government Information microfilm 29-R24 9:Sp24  
23 reels Guide:  Government Information Reference: CD 3394 .T92 1914


Twitchell book (catalog of the Spanish Archives of NM) is available on the Internet Archive

Mexican archives of New Mexico, 1821-1846

Library record can be found here 

42 microfilm reels 

GovInfo: 29-R24 9:M574

Calendar of the microfilm reels:  F 801 N5287 1970  (Reference Department) 

GovInfo does not have a guide to the collection but DPL, CSU and UNC do.

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Other Resources

Passenger lists:  The library has several compilations of passenger lists. 

For example: Ship passenger lists / edited and indexed by Carl Boyer, 3rd Contents:

  1. National and New England, 1600-1825.
  2. New York and New Jersey, 1600-1825.
  3. The South, 1538-1825.
  4. Pennsylvania and Delaware, 1641-1825.   

CS68 .S53    4 vols. 

Library record can be found here


CU Boulder and Local Area Genealogical Resources Guide

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For additional help, please contact:

Leanne Walther


Government Information: 303-492-8834