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HIST 3415: United States in World War I

American soldiers in the Argonne forest [Truman Library]


Government Primary Resources Used in Class

Department of War

U.S. Congress

Department of State

Committee on Public Information

Woodrow Wilson Papers

Government Primary Sources: Digital Collections

Online collections of World War I documents and resources


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Government Primary Resources Used in Class

Department of War

Annual Report, 1826-

Print version: W 1.1 Government Information stacks
Digital version: Congressional Serial Set  CU


Report looked at in class:


  • Annual report for 1919, Final report of General John Pershing.

Order of battle of the United States land forces in the World War  (3 vols.) [v. 1] American Expeditionary Forces. Divisions -- [v. 2] American Expeditionary Forces. General Headquarters, Armies, Army Corps, Services of Supply and separate forces -- v. 3. Zone of the Interior. pt. 1. General introduction, organization and activities in the War Department, territorial departments, tactical divisions organized in 1918, posts, camps and stations. pt. 2. Directory of troops in alphabetical order. 

Print version: W 55.2:W 89 Government Information stacks

Stars & Stripes  U.S. Army newsletter published from February 8, 1918, to June 13, 1919, by order of General John J. Pershing for the troops in France.

Print version: PASCAL Offsite  940.305 St28 

Online version: American Memory at the Library of Congress

Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War  15 volumes

Print version:  W 44.19  Government Information stacks

Online Version: U.S. Army. Medical Department. Office of Medical History  

United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919 (17 volumes) Collection of primary sources published after the war.

Print version:  D 114.8:v.1-17 Government Information Stacks
Online version: World War I sources (Center for Military History)
Army training manuals, regulations and notes on warfare.  Field artillery, drill regulations, machine gun, grenade warfare, field operations.

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U. S. Congress

Congressional documents and reports (U.S. Congressional Serial Set)  

Print versions of specific volumes can be requested from PASCAL (off-site storage)
Digital version: U.S. Congressional Serial Set CU 


Reports shown in class:

  • Espionage Act, House report numbers 30, 65 and 69, 65th Congress   (1917).  Serial Set 7252
  • Sedition Act, Serial Set 7307 & 7308
  • Treaty with Germany, Senate doc. 49. 66th Cong., Serial Set 7608

Congressional Record: Senate and House floor debates on legislation and proceedings.

Print version:  X 1.1  PASCAL off-site storage
Specific volumes can be requested from PASCAL (off-site storage)
Digital version: Congressional Publications CU     


Debates looked at in class: 


  • War with Germany, House and Senate debates, v. 55, April 1917
  • Espionage Act, v.55, April 1917

Congressional Hearings 

Print version: Search Chinook by title or keyword for hearings. These can be requested from PASCAL (off-site storage) 

Digital version: Congressional Publications CU     


Hearings looked at in class:


  • Hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Treaty of  Peace with Germany.  66th Congress, 1st sess., July 30- Sept. 12, 1919.  Serial Set 7605. 
  • Brewing and liquor interests and German and Bolshevik propaganda Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 65th Congress, 2nd & 3rd sess, 1918.
     Y 4.J 89/2:P 94/4/  PASCAL offsite

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Department of State


Foreign Relations of the United States

Print version:  S 1.1  Government Information stacks
Digital version: Foreign Relations of the United States 


Note: supplementary volumes for 1918 cover World War I and there are also special volumes on the Peace conference of 1919.


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Committee on Public Information

Official Bulletins.  

Print version:  Y 3.P 93/3 Government Information stacks 
Online version: Hathi Trust

Four-Minute Men Bulletins

Print version:   Y 3.P 96/3:5/  
Online version: various issues available on Google Books


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Woodrow Wilson Papers

The papers of Woodrow Wilson Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1966- 69 vols.
E 660.W 717 Norlin stacks

The public papers of Woodrow Wilson.  New York: Harper, 1925-27.  5 vols. 
E660.W72 Norlin stacks


Digital versions: 

Executive orders, proclamations, messages: American Presidency Project    
Collections of papers: Hathi Trust


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Government Primary Sources:

Digital Collections for World War I Research

Congressional Publications CU     
 Full-text Congressional materials, including Congressional hearings, Congressional Record (floor debates), Congressional reports and documents from 1980 to present, committee prints, CRS reports, member biographies, committee assignments, voting records, financial data, and regulatory and statutory resources.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set CU   
Digital version of the bound, sequentially numbered volumes of all the Reports, Documents, and Journals (journals end in 1952) of the Senate and House of Representatives.  From the mid-19th through the beginning of the 20th century government agency and department reports were published as Congressional documents and can be found in the Serial Set.  About 300 selected hearings from this time period were published in the Serial Set as well.

U.S Statutes at Large CU 
The Statutes at Large is the official source for the laws and resolutions passed by Congress. Until 1950, all treaties and international agreements ratified by the Senate were also published in the set.  The Statutes at Large are also available at the Library of Congress’ American Memory web site.

American Presidency Project   

The American Presidency Project has consolidated, coded, and organized into a single searchable database Presidential materials including:  messages, papers, executive orders, proclamations and speeches.

Foreign Relations of the United States 
FRUS documents the major foreign policy decisions and diplomatic activity of the U.S. Government and contains declassified records from the White House, the Department of State, and other foreign affairs agencies. The series began in 1861.


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Online Collections of World War I Documents and Resources

World War I Document Archive  Compiled by the Brigham Young University Library


World War I sources from the Center for Military History  Includes Order of Battle foe AEF


World War I pamphlet collection from the University of Colorado, Boulder


World War I posters from the Library of Congress


Photos of the Great War


Trenches on the Web  Mike Iavarone and Mike Hanlon. Great War Society.  Who, what, were. Includes maps

The Great War: 1914-1918 Links to online sources compiled by the University of Kansas


World War I records from the National Archives    


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