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National History Day

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Welcome to the University of Colorado!

Please remember that you cannot check out books or journals from the University of Colorado library. Here are a few suggestions if there is a book or resource that you need to use for longer than one day:


  • Always check to see if there is an electronic version.
  • Photocopy/scan the most important parts of the book and print-out journal articles while you are here
  • If you need to take home a particular book, you can use your library card at the Louisville Public Library to order the book through Prospector (a regional book-lending service).  Here is the link to Prospector at the Louisville Public Library
  • If there is an online article that you are looking for, the Louisville Public Library may have access to some of the same databases at the CU Library so you may consider checking that website as well (you will need a library card). Louisville Public Library Database List
  • If you need to print, scan, or photocopy materials, please let one of the librarians know and we will show you how to do it


Here are a few basic resources to help kickstart your research at our library.


Chinook Catalog

Look for books and articles on our library homepage


Find Articles
Click on a subject and browse through the databases that look useful for your project. Remember that many of these databases will NOT be available from home.


Alphabetical List of Research Guides
This list covers nearly every topic imaginable. Each of these topics has a subject guide to help you with your research. For example, if you click on “Affirmative Action and Civil Rights” you will see a long list of resources.

This is a selection of databases that you can access from Room 303 while you are here on campus.


These are NOT available to you from your home or school computer. However, you can use these to locate articles and find information that can point you toward a primary resource.


Academic Search Premier
This is one of the easiest databases to use for locating articles and information about your topic.
Remember, you can use a secondary resource to locate a primary resource!


AP Images
Photographs, video clips and other primary visual/audio resources from the Associated Press.


Congressional Publications
This is the most comprehensive resource for congressional publications. You can search for bills, laws and everything in between. If you need help using this resource, please speak with one of the Government Information librarians.


Lexis-Nexis Academic
Search for news articles (1980 to the present); choose a source from the “Source Type” list to narrow down your selection (Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs etc…). You can also search for state and federal court opinions, information on companies, and information about notable people.


Historical Newspapers

Follow this link to a list of historical newspaper archives.


For the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Defender, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, go to ProQuest Historical Newspapers.




All of these resources can be accessed from your home or school computer.


American Memory Project
A vast collection of written/spoken words, photographs, music clips, and maps. According to the Library of Congress, the American Memory Project is “a digital record of American history and creativity”.


The American Presidency Project
Over 102,768 documents related to the study of American Presidencies


Chronicling America

Historic newspapers from 1836-1922


CIA World Factbook
Detailed information and statistics on every country in the world


Court Opinions (Supreme Court, Federal Courts, State and Federal Laws)
This website allows you to search for state and federal laws and court opinions. You can select a legal topic and browse a list of court cases and laws related to that topic. For example, if you select “supreme court” from the Court box and “agriculture” from the Legal Topic box you will receive a list of eight relevant results.


Google Books

Includes digitized copies of books and magazines including an archive of Life Magazine (1935-1972) and other magazines. Try clicking on the link for "browse books and magazines".


Historic Supreme Court Decisions by Topic
Browse for Supreme Court decision based on your topic


Internet Archive

Video, live music, audio and e-books from all over the Internet.

Some of the books can be downloaded as PDF files and others may be simple text.

Check out the TVNews link to search for recent television news broadcasts related to your topic.


Making of America (Cornell University)
This is a digital archive of early American social history from Cornell University. Most materials date from the 1800’s and the collection also includes an archive of Civil War documents.


Making of America (University of Michigan)
Funded by the same foundation as the Making of America collection of Cornell University, the University of Michigan’s Making of America collection is especially strong in the subjects of education, psychology, history, sociology, religion, science, and technology.


Map Collection from the Library of Congress
Digital maps from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division


National Archives
The National Archives is the nation’s record keeper. You can start by clicking on “Selected Topics” and you will be presented with an exhaustive list of important historical topics.


National Museum of American History
Browse through a variety of historical collections at the National Museum of American History (including topics such as Advertising, Computers, Health and Medicine, Music and Musical Instruments, Sports and much, much more)


National Women’s History Museum


New York Public Digital Library
Free access to over 800,000 images digitized by the New York Public Library


Smithsonian Institute Encyclopedia
Browse through the Smithsonian Institute Encyclopedia for general information on your topic and additional research ideas.


First-hand, oral history accounts of important events. Browse by subject or search by keyword


Thomas: Library of Congress (Information of Congress and lawmaking)
A free resource containing the text of congressional bills (1989-present), committee reports (1995-present), international treaties (1967-present) and more...


United Nations Documents
Browse UN documents by committee, topic, or search term


Women Working: 1800-1930
A digital collection of women’s impact on the economic life of the United States


100 Books that Shaped Work in America

Check out one of these books that had an impact on the working conditions for laborers in the United States.



Recommended Resources to Search:


  • Statistics
    • World DataBank
      • Enables access to all of the statistical databases available from the World Bank, including data on development, GDP, purchasing power, etc.
      • Link to searchable database
    • Statistics Guide (from CU's Government Information Library)
      • This master statistics guide will link to to the appropriate sources for international statistics for a variety of topics
      • Link to guide
  • Reference Information (Background information)
    • International Encyclopedia of Communication
      • Over 1,300 entries dedicated to topics related to communication studies; published in conjunction with the International Communication Association
      • Link to searchable database
    • Reference Universe
      • Search for entries/information across print and online encyclopedias (and other reference books) owned by the CU Libraries
      • Link to searchable database