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Sexuality and Sexual Health Primary Resources

You have been asked to use mostly primary documents for your research. The Government Information Library, Special Collections, and Archives are here to help! We can help you track down photographs, speeches, letters, hearings, court cases, pamphlets, posters and more…

Government Information Library

The Government Information Library


The Government Information Library at CU-Boulder is a regional repository for government information. We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5 pm. If you need access to microfiche or any other resources from the government information office, email or call Kate Tallman at kathryn.w.tallman@colorado.edu or (303) 492-3900.


Government Information is organized by a system of call numbers called SuDocs. SuDocs call numbers are organized by government agency. If a document’s call number starts with “D”, then it is a Department of Defense document. Similarly, if the call number starts with “HE”, then it is a resource from the Department of Health and Human Services.  If you need help locating a resource within the collection, do not hesitate to ask!


There are MANY documents within the Government Information Library that are not catalogued in Chinook Classic or Plus. If you find something interesting in the stacks, be sure to browse the surrounding area. You never know what you will find!


Searching Chinook for Government Information

Type a keyword into Chinook Plus and limit your search on the left side of the screen to “government information”

Example: Keyword “homosexuality”

  1. Not the Law’s Business: an examination of homosexuality, abortion, prostitution, narcotics, and gambling in the United States, 1972. National Institute of Mental Health; Center for Studies of Crime and Delinquency
  2. Homosexuality in Prisons, 1972. National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; US Department of Justice

Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications 1895-1976 (MOCAT)

This is a catalog of government publications from the years 1895-1976 (with some current publications as well). Write down the SuDoc Number for the publication(s) that you are interested in. Search for the number or title in Chinook and see if we own the item. If it is not in the catalog, remember that not all materials in the Government Information Library are catalogued. Look for the item in the Government Information Stacks.

Example: Keyword “Obscenity”

  1. Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005, US House of Representatives Y1.1/8:109-5

Venereal Disease Bulletin

The microfiche collection of the Venereal Disease Bulletin has gone missing. However, physical copies of some volumes are available in the Government Information Library office. This link will take you to a list of titles that are available in the Government Information Library If you want to check out these holdings, speak with Kate Tallman.



  1. "Case Against Red Light District", 1920 Venereal Disease Bulletin Number 54
  2. "Prevention of Venereal Disease", 1929 Venereal Disease Bulletin Number 88

Public Health Reports

Public Health Reports (PHR) has been published since 1878 and is the official journal of the U.S. Public Health Service. Itis a peer-reviewed journal published on a bi-monthly basis.  


Hard Copies:

Physical copies from 1974-2009 are in the Government Information Library stacks at HE 20.6011:


Full text online from various years going back to 1878 found here



  1. Special Issue, Volume 128 Understanding Sexual Health

Congressional Hearings


Congress has held hearings on many issues related to sexuality, gender, and health.
ProQuest Congressional contains the full text of all of these hearings.


Enter your keyword(s) in the search box

Click "deselect all" from the menu below

Select "Hearings 1824-Present"


Example: Keyword "pornography"

  1. "Effect of Pornography on Women and Children", 1984, Committee on the Judiciary. Senate
  2. "Pornography on the Internet" 2003, Committee on the Judiciary. Senate

CSPAN has many video recordings of these hearings. 


Supreme Court Decisions


Additionally, the Supreme Court has tackled many issues related to gender, sexuality, obscenity, and public health. For physical copies of court decisions, you may search for a specific Supreme Court decision in the catalog. These will likely be on microform in the Government Information office.


You may also locate a digital copy:


Historic Supreme Court Cases : Browse by topic or search for a popular decision


Lexis-Nexis Academic: Full text of all Supreme Court decisions.


Example: Keyword "sodomy"

  1. Bowers v. Hardwick, 478 U.S. 186. No. 85-140 Argued: March 31, 1986 --- Decided: June 30, 1986.

Research Guides


The Government Information library and other departments in Norlin Library have created subject guides on a variety of topics. Following is a list of related subject guides:


The following link will take you to a fact sheet with information and a detailed bibliography of materials located in Archives and Special Collections.

Need More Help?

We are always happy to answer questions or set up appointments to have a more in-depth discussion of your research. You can also go to the How Do I? page for additional assistance..