UCB Libraries

Resources for WRTG 3020: Conversations on the Law

Starting Points

  • Search Strategy Worksheet
    Use this worksheet to develop your search strategy and record your keywords.
  • Chinook
    Chinook is the library catalog where you search to find books, periodical/journal titles (print and electronic), encyclopedias, government publications, and other resources available at CU.
  • Encyclopedias and Reference Works
    Use Gale Reference Library, Reference Universe or Oxford Digital Reference Shelf to look up background information in encyclopedias (many of which are online) and other reference books.


Sources for Information on the Law

  • LexisNexis Academic CU
    Extensive coverage of news, legal and business information.

    US Legal
    Access to primary and secondary legal sources.

      • Legal reference
        Use this link to find legal dictionaries and encyclopedias.
        • American Jurisprudence 2d, a legal encyclopedia, is a helpful place to find information on legal issues with citations to relevant laws and cases.
      • Case law

        Case law refers to documents which are written explanations of rulings issued by a court, often referred to as judicial opinions or decisions.  These opinions are compiled in sets called case reports or reporters. Each case has a unique citation.
        Case law is different than cases, which refers to the litigation documents, such as trial transcripts, briefs and evidence. 

      • Law reviews
        Law review articles provide scholarly analysis of legal issues and contain extensive footnotes to "primary" sources like cases, laws and regulations. Coverage: full text access back to early 1980s in Lexis/Nexis Academic  (Hein Online has earlier coverage)
    • Hein Online CU
      A comprehensive database that provides access to legal materials, law review articles and legal journals. Law review coverage goes back to the first issue of every law review included and articles are full-text online.

    Interdisciplinary Research

    • Academic Search Premier CU
      A multi-disciplinary database which provides full text journal coverage for nearly all academic areas of study - including social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, and ethnic studies. Most articles are available online.

    A broad interdisciplinary database with full-text access to scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences.


    Additional Sources

    • Research and Subject Guides Database
      You can find information on how to start your research, how to use databases and  how to cite material. Either click on the box for a specific type of guide and then browse among lists of research guides, or do a keyword search (by topic, course, citation style, etc.).
    • Find Articles and More
      Databases are grouped by subject (e.g. History) and provide lists of databases.. For legal information try the subject Law and Legislation or Government. You might also try looking in the more general databases listed under the topic: General and Interdisciplinary.
  • Citing Your Work

      • RefWorks CU
        RefWorks is a database that lets you save your citations and then format them in the style of your choice. Check out this quick guide for help using this resource.
      • Citing Sources
        This guide goes over the various formats you can use to cite materials. It also provides links to quick citation sheets.
    Need More Help?

    How Do I pages   
    about the library and finding sources

    To access library databases from off campus, you need to download and install the VPN.

    We are always happy to answer questions or set up appointments to have a more in-depth discussion of your research.

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