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Resources for WRTG 3020: Composing Civic Life

Starting Points/General Resources

  • Search Strategy Worksheet
    Use this worksheet to develop your search strategy and record your keywords.
  • Chinook
    Chinook is where you find books, periodical/journal titles (print and electronic), encyclopedias, government publications, and other resources available at CU. NOTE: If you are looking for historic government publications not all of these are cataloged, if you can't find a historic title please contact Jennie or Leanne (emails at the bottom of the page) for assistance.
  • Research and Subject Guides Database
    Want to find even more guides? This database contains all the guides from Government Information as well as all the other libraries on campus. You can find information on how to use databases, how to cite material, and how to start your research. Either click the box for a specific type of guide and then browse among lists of research guides, or do a keyword search (by topic, course, citation style, etc.).
  • Find Articles and More
    Databases are grouped by subject (e.g. History) and provide lists of citations. Look in different subject areas (Political Science, Government, etc.) to get different perspectives on your topic/issue.
People in America's Civic Life

Makeup of America

  • Census Questionnaires (Historic and Current)
    Every ten years, since 1790, the United States government has taken an enumeration of the people in the United States. These links provide sample questionnaires so demonstrating the different questions asked each year.
  • Completed Questionnaires (Boulder Public Library and CU)
    After 72 years, the United States census questionnaires become available to the public. There are commercial vendors that have digitized many of these census volumes, and you can access one of those with a Boulder Public Library card from the link above. In addition, CU-Boulder does contain some reels on microfilm, as well as a few states in print. You can find information on the material we own here by following the link above.
  • Social Explorer CU
    This database takes the data from the questionnaires from 1790 to the present and presents it both as tables and maps.

Participating in Civic Life

Primary Resources
  • LexisNexis Congressional CU
    Comprehensive online resource for all congressional publications. Use to find congressional reports, documents, prints and hearing transcripts. The text of bills and laws and floor debates found in the Congressional Record are also available.
  • C-SPAN Video Library
    This web site archives all of the C-SPAN videos from 1987-today. In here are videos of hearings, House and Senate debates, C-SPAN interviews, and much more.
Secondary Resources
  • Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports CU
    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the research arm of Congress. CRS reports are short (usually) background briefs prepared for members of Congress on any issue that is a topic of discussion. They are well researched, non-partisan, and include bibliographies that lead to more information.
  • CQ Press Electronic Library CU
    This database is a source of articles on and about the work of Congress.
  • Pro/Con Arguments
    Use to find varying viewpoints and opinions about an issue.
  • Public Opinion
    This is a collection of sources to use to find public opinion. One more, not listed here, to check out is the Pew Research Center.
Citing Your Work

  • RefWorks CU
    RefWorks is a database that lets you save your citations and then format them in the style of your choice. Check out this quick guide for help using this resource.
  • Citing Sources
    This guide goes over the various formats you can use to cite materials. It also provides links to quick citation sheets.
Need More Help?

We are always happy to answer questions or set up appointments to have a more in-depth discussion of your research.

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