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Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

Material in the CU collection is shelved at 1000 F17. After 1992, most publications are catalogued in Chinook, the online catalog of the University Libraries. Earlier publications can be located using the title file in the Government Information Library.

  • FAO Document Repository has online editions of FAO publications such as the State of Food and Agriculture, State of the World's Forests, and other titles.
  • FAO Statistical Databases:
    • AQUASTAT provides statistics on water management, focusing on developing countries and countries in transition.
    • FAOSTAT contains "over 1 million time-series records from over 210 countries and territories covering statistics on agriculture, nutrition, fisheries, forestry, food aid, land use and population."
    • Handbook of Fishery Statistical Standards
    • FISHSTAT contains statistics on fisheries.
    • Forest Products and Trade "contains statistics on forest and forestry issues on a country by country basis including forest cover, plantations, volume and biomass and fires."
    • GLIPHA The Global Livestock Production and Health Atlas provides information relating to animal production and health through a combination of maps, tables and charts.
    • The PAAT secretariat combines the forces of FAO, WHO, IAEA, and OAU/IBAR to promote integrated trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) control through coordinated international action. The ultimate goal is to improve food security and sustainable agricultural and rural development.
  • GeoNetwork allows to users to easily share geographically referenced thematic information between different FAO Units, other UN Agencies, NGO's and other institutions.
  • Global Information and Early Warning System Food Outlook, Foodcrops and Shortages, Food supply situation and crop prospects in Sub-saharan Africa, Sahel weather and crop situation, and Special Alerts/Reports
  • ProQuest Statistical Insight CU This database contains many FAO publications in the International and Intergovernmental sources (IIS) collection. CU-Boulder has these titles in paper and/or microfiche, please bring the title and record number to the Government Information office on the third floor.
  • World Agricultural Information Centre (WAICENT) provides subject-based guides to resources on approximately 250 agricultural subjects.