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Government Information Office Map

This map is intended for Libraries staff only.

This is a map of the back office in the Government Information Library. In Chinook, materials identified by LOCATION CODE: GOVPUBS MICRO, GOVPUBS DVD/VIDEO, or GOVPUBS US CD/DVD can be found here. Only library staff can retrieve materials from this area.

The color-coded legend below shows how our microforms and other materials are arranged by source, classification type, and format. The different-colored blocks in the map represent general areas for our materials.

Click on images in the map for further details about materials in that area (note that our file cabinets are numbered). To view a table sorted by call-number range, click here. You might want to print out this map, circle the general area in which you should be searching, and bring this print-out to the third floor to facilitate your search.


U.S Government Microforms Commercial Microfiche
DOE and NTIS Microforms British Government Microforms
Colorado Microfiche CD-ROMs
Videotape and DVDs Maps

Cabinets 2-24 Cabinets 25-41 Cabinets 42-47 Cabinets 48-75 Cabinet 76 Cabinets 77-81 Cabinets 82-88 Cabinets 94-95 Cabinet 93 Cabinets 97-103
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