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U.S. Government Information

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International Organization Information

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Nongovernmental Sources

  • Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
    CIESIN is "dedicated to furthering the interdisciplinary study of global environmental change." The CIESIN site features population data, environmental treaties and "thematic guides" on topics such as agriculture, human health, land use, ozone depletion, political institutions, remote sensing, and other topics. Each of the thematic guides is a small hypertext library on the topic, integrating synthesis of current research with full text of articles appearing in scientific journals which have granted permission to publish electronic versions of print articles. CIESIN also offers interactive data retrieval and mapping.
  • Eldis: the Electronic Development and Environment Information System
    "ELDIS is a Gateway to Information Sources on Development and the Environment" and directory of electronic information sources.
  • European Partners for the Environment
    This site includes publications on sustainable development, global statistics on environmental indicators, links to related organizations, and other information.
  • Scorecard
    This page provides information on pollution and the sources of pollution from the Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Trade and Environment Database
    Search across case studies on the effects of trade on the environment.
  • World Environment Library
    This library "contains 400 publications (45,000 pages) of ideas and solutions in the fields of Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environmental Impact Assessment, Energy, Health, Natural Resources, Policy, Sustainable Development,Waste Management and Water." From the New Zealand Digital Library, a site with several important collections of digital materials from intergovernmental and international organizations.
  • World Resources Institute
    This institute provides the complete texts of over 300 reports, papers, and books on environmental issues.
U.S. Information | International Information | Nongovernmental Sources | Related Topics

Resources in the Catalog

U.S. Information | International Information | Nongovernmental Sources | Resources in the Catalog

Related Topics