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Documents and Electronic Publications
  • 100 Milestone Documents Digitized copies of 100 milestone documents of the United States, dating from 1776 to 1965.
  • Bill of Rights
  • Declaration of Independence
  • U.S. Constitution (Including Dates of Ratification by Individual States for Amendments). See also Constitution: Analysis and Interpretation a browsable and searchable version of a Senate publication with annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court.
  • American Memory: Primary Source Material in Digital Form from Library of Congress. Includes maps, photographs, sound, motion picture, and textual material.
  • American Radicalism Collection scanned images of materials relating to the Black Panthers, Japanese Americans interred in relocation camps, birth control, Ku Klux Klan, the IWW, Sacco and Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs, Wounded Knee, the Scottsboro Boys, Students for a Demographic Society, and the Hollywood Ten. Select Digital Images for access to subject or alphabetical lists of titles.
  • Avalon Project from Yale Law School includes digitized versions of significant historic texts from 17th-20th centuries. Nineteenth century materials include treaties with Native Americans, Colonial Charters, and statutes on Slavery. Materials from the 20th century include many WWII documents including American foreign policy 1941-49 , Nuremberg Trials, and other primary source materials. Additional volumes from the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg are available from the Nizkor Project, a large archive of Holocaust materials.
  • A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation This American Memory collection includes browsable, searchable versions of official documents from early congresses. The House and Senate Journals, Senate Executive Journal, Annals of Congress, Statutes at Large and Maclay's Journal are now online. In addition, the collection contains materials from the Continental Congress, including Journals of the Continental Congress, Elliot's Debates, and Farrand's Records. The documents are available in both image and text format. In April of 1999, the collection covered the years 1774-1805. The Library of Congress plans to expand the online collection to include congressional materials from the Continental Congresses through the 42nd Congress.
  • Cold War International History Project sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C., features online documents and discussion focusing on the Arms Race, Cold War, Intelligence, Kruschev Era, Reagan Era, Detente, Stalin Era and other topics. Requires one-time registration. No fee.
  • Comic Books
    Some U.S. government agencies have produced comic books illustrating programs or services. Digital versions of these "government graphic novels" can be found on various websites:
  • Documents for the Study of American History includes materials from the 15th century to the present day.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum provides over 10,000 documents online. Currently, the Safe Files (papers locked in FDR's White House safe), the German Diplomatic Files, and the Vatican Files are available online. The Safe Files include "correspondence, reports, and memoranda concerning: The Manhattan Project, the Atlantic Charter and the United Nations, the O.S.S., the War, Navy, Treasury, and State Departments, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, China, Great Britain and France, General George Marshall, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek..."
  • Foreign Relations of the United States "This historical record of American foreign policy is produced by the State Department's Office of the Historian. First published in 1861, Foreign Relations of the United States preserves a key part of American history in more than 350 individual volumes. Each volume documents the major foreign policy decisions and diplomatic activity of the U.S. Government and contains declassified records from the White House, the Department of State, and other foreign affairs agencies." Selected volumes online.
  • Foreign Relations of the United States (Digital edition from the University of Wisconsin at Madison)--a browsable, searchable version of most volumes published from 1861-1992.
  • Historical Census Browser, 1790-1960, including total, white, free African American, and slave populations; churches; education and literacy; vital statistics; and economic data.
  • Historic Government Publications from World War II--a collection of pamphlets on civil defense, conservation, nutrition, children, women in the workforce, war production, pocket guides to foreign countries, and other materials.
  • Making of America
    A digital library (available from two different sites) that includes primary sources from the antebellum period through reconstruction that is "particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology." A cooperative project between the Andrew W. Mellon foundation, the University of Michigan, and Cornell University. The contents of the two university sites do not overlap. Search or browse both sites for access to the complete collection of materials.
  • Maps
  • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
    • NARA Archival Research Catalog contains two search features. The archival holdings search finds descriptions of materials held at NARA. The database includes 124,000 digital copies of archival material. The microfilm search feature "allows you to search for [descriptions of ] microfilm publications ... via keywords, microfilm IDs, record group number, and/or NARA Viewing Location." Use this feature to determine if the nearest NARA regional office has a copy of the microfilm you need.
    • NARA Access to Archival Databases (AAD) created by NARA, ADD is an online access to a selection of nearly 50 million historic electronic records published by more than 20 federal agencies on a wide range of topics. A few data files were originally created as early as the 19th century. However, most of the electronic records in NARA's holdings have been created since the 1960s. Documents in AAD have been categorized into the area of All series, People, Indexes to Other Records, Subject, Geographic Areas, Organization, Time Spans, and Creator. To access the database, select a series first, then search a data file. Please visit getting started which offers better understanding of the search process.
    • NARA Microfilm Catalog is a searchable web database of NARA's almost 3,400 numbered microfilm publications. The described publications include those created by or purchased by NARA for researcher use. Search for descriptions of microfilm publications via the Microfilm Publications Catalog. These publications may be searched by keyword, microfilm IDs, Record Group Number, and/or NARA location. NARA has also produced specific microfilm catalogs which often include roll-by-roll listings.
  • National Security Archive: "was founded in 1985 by a group of journalists and scholars who had obtained documentation from the U.S. government under the Freedom of Information Act and sought a centralized repository for these materials. Over the years, the Archive has become the world's largest non-governmental library of declassified documents" The archive provides "electronic briefing books" on major issues, descriptions of the microfiche collections, selected online materials, and other information. Many materials are from the collections are available in microfiche in the Government Information Library. An online index and full-text materials are available from the Digital National Security Archive CU.
  • Papers of the War Department, 1784 to 1800
    These papers from the U.S. War Department, originally thought to have been lost in a fire in 1800, have been retrieved by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. The papers are now available in this browsable and fully searchable database.
  • Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects
    Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) page records projects to digitize copies of U.S. Government publications.
  • Resources on Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Links to information on the Tuskegee Experiment, Nazi Doctors, Atomic Energy Commission experiments, and other topics.
  • The Vietnam Center and Archive is a digitization project of Texas Tech University, containing Vietnam war documents from Vietnam and the United States governments, photographs, slides, negatives, audio and video recordings, artifacts, and oral histories.
  • World Digital Library This is a collection of digitized resources from museums and libraries across the world. These resources include maps, books, documents, images, videos, and much more.
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Historical Exhibits
  • Amistad
    • The Amistad Case (National Archives and Records Administration) includes overview, primary materials, learning activities.
    • Exploring Amistad includes primary and secondary materials on the case.
  • Atomic Archive provides timelines, biographies, photos, animations, selected documents, and other information about the invention of the atom bomb.
  • Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents Online Exhibit from Library of Congress
  • Integrating Ole Miss In the fall of 1962 the college town of Oxford, Mississippi, erupted in violence. At the center of the controversy stood James Meredith, an African American who was attempting to register at the all-white University of Mississippi, known as "Ole Miss."
  • Library of Congress Exhibitions provides online exhibits on topics such as African American history, significant Americans, cultural icons, and cultural materials from other countries.
  • American Civil War Homepage includes documents, unit lists, commanders, pictures and more.
  • Prints and Photographs Reading Room About 1.2 million digital images available in the Library of Congress' collection.
  • Photographs of the American West, 1861-1912 from National Archives and Records Administration.
  • Black History from Britannica includes hundreds of biographies, definitions of terms,and a timeline of significant events in the history of African Americans.
  • History and Culture National Park Service Cultural Resources.
  • National Archives Online Exhibits online exhibitions of historical documents.
  • New Perspectives on the West The web page for the PBS series has timelines, biographies, full-text primary source materials.
  • World War II Poster Database browsable by date, topic, or title. Searchable. Thumbnail sketches lead to a larger version of each image. Based on the collection of Northwestern University, includes posters published by the Department of Defense from the beginning of the war through 1945.
Historical Documents and Electronic Publications | Historical Exhibits | Related Topics

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