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  • Internal Revenue Service
    • Tax Forms and Publications
      Note: To access forms and publications from earlier years, choose "Forms and Publications" under "Resources" on the left side of the opening menu.
      Use the "Contents" menu to access information for individuals, businesses, charities, governments and tax professions. Subsequent menus contain information for specific audiences. For example, the information for individuals is further subdivided into information for Farmers, Foreign Nationals, Household Employers, Innocent Spouses, Overseas Taxpayers, Seniors/Retirees, Students and the Self-Employed.
    • Search for Exempt Organizations "Here's the place to find out if your organization is exempt from federal taxation and how much of your contributions to them are tax deductible. This is an electronic version of the Publication 78 'Cumulative List of Organizations.'"
    • Political Organizations Section 527 Search Under a new law (PL 106-230), political organizations must file an initial notice with the IRS, periodic reports on contributors and expenditures, and modified annual returns. The site provides basic information about the organization and, in some cases, copies of filings.
  • Colorado Tax Forms and Information
  • Commerce Clearing House (CCH) Tax News includes a briefing, news, and other information on tax legislation.
  • District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue prepares annual reports for Congress that compare the tax rates and tax burdens for the District and the 50 states to Congress.
  • freeERISA.com "The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires U.S. employers to file annual reports on their employee pension plans and health/welfare plans with the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service." Use this service to find and view 5500 filings, 11k filings, public pension funds and terminating pension plans. The site also provides access to a list of collective bargaining agreements, a register of labor unions, and other information. This free service requires registration for use.
  • GuideStar includes a searchable database of charitable organizations which file 990 or 990EZ reports with the IRS. "Financial data are taken from the IRS Business Master File and/or the Form 990, a public report filed with the IRS by all 501(c)(3) "public charities" with revenues exceeding $25,000. The descriptive information is derived from the Form 990 as well as from answers to questions provided directly by the organization to Philanthropic Research, Inc., publisher of GuideStar. "
  • Federal and State Tax Forms page from Northwestern links to state tax offices.
  • Federation of Tax Administrators includes links to state tax forms, catalog of publications, online newsletter, and data on tax rates, structure and tax burdens for all states.
  • Federal Tax Code Title 26 of the United States Code.
  • National Center for Charitable Statistics provides publications, fact sheets, and databases on the income and expenses of non-profits. In addition, it is cooperating with the IRS and other organizations to make scanned images of IRS 990 forms available to the public through its own site.
  • International Tax "Ernst & Young's site for international business, tax and accounting developments worldwide" Offers browsable, searchable versions of Doing Business Around the World.