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Receive personalized new resource alerts from Chinook


You can customize Chinook, the CU library catalog, so that you automatically receive email alerts of new resources added to the library collection. Follow the steps below to initiate this feature.

  1. Log in to MyChinook
  2. Click on the "Search the Catalog" link
  3. Enter your desired search (keyword, title, author, etc.)
  4. Once you see your list of results, mark the search as a "Preferred Search" by clicking on the "Save as Preferred Search" button (grey box near the search statement) on the search results screen
  5. To view the saved search, click on the "Return to MyChinook" button near the top of screen
  6. In MyChinook, click on the "Preferred Searches" link (you can save up to 25 preferred searches)
  7. From this screen, you can set the email notification by marking the "Mark for Email" box next to the search statement and clicking the "Update List" button at the bottom of the screen
  8. Notifications of new material in the CU Libraries collection are stored and sent out in a batch once a month