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How do I... find Career Information?

This page details some resources available from the University Libraries and more that may help you in your career needs. Check out the Company Research Guide from the Business Library as well!


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Researching Careers

Print Resources
Many of these resources are an excellent starting point to research potential careers. You may discover the books location by clicking on the title for more detail.

Electronic Resources

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook A nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives.  CU

  • VGM's Careers Encyclopedia [click here for more information about viewing e-books] This electronic book provides details and a general description of numerous careers. Each career is organized within an alphabetical arrangement.CU

  • VGM Opportunities Series [click here for more information about viewing e-books] This series spans numerous careers and trades. Each volume provides essential details about the career of focus. CU

  • VGM Professional Career Series [click here for more information about viewing e-books] This series presents guidance on choosing a career. Each volume includes specific profession details, descriptions of positions within the field, educational requirements and more. CU

  • VGM Careers for You Series [click here for more information about viewing e-books] This series helps identify career choices based on interests, hobbies, and preferences, for example: Careers for Bookworms and Other Literary Types CU

More Online Resources

Searching Chinook for more- print and electronic

You may also choose to search Chinook by specific categories or subject headings. Including:

Reseaching Employers


Research Potential Employers

  • Reference USA Directory of about 11 million U.S. public and private companies. CU


      • Select U.S. Businesses
      • Use "Quick Search" to find a specific company
      • Enter company name and location details if needed
      • Or use the Guided Search to browse an industry or region

  • Hoovers Provides company profiles, corporate directory (searchable by company name, industry, ticker symbol, sales, location), market quotes, and business news. Provides specific company contacts, products, competitors, and a full company overview.CU
    • Select the company tab
    • Enter company name and search
    • View results ranked by relevance (or resort)

  • Business Insights Global

    Directory of 100,000+ public and private US companies. Provides News, company histories, investment reports, financials, rankings and product information.

    • Search company name
    • Or, use the 'Company tab' and search by NAICS/ SIC code

  • Mergent Online This suite of global business and financial information products provides access to US and International Company data, Annual reports, and other investment research tools, all made fully available via the Internet. Includes all Mergent manuals.CU
  • Instructions:
    • Search by company name or ticker symbol or NAICS/ SIC code
    • You may limit by specific country
  • Lexis-Nexis Interdisciplinary database that contains the full text of national, international, and regional news, newswires, transcripts, magazine articles, legal and business information, public opinion polls, and other sources.CU

  • Glassdoor.com Learn about companies from an employee perspective.

  • Search more newspapers . . .


Preparing Applications

Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Search Chinook by subject terms:

Campus Resources

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