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Use RefWorks: Export References from Library Article Databases


Many of the article databases that the library subscribes to allow you to export citations directly to RefWorks. Since the databases are not all the same, the directions to execute the direct export may vary slightly. Detailed directions for the databases are below.


General Directions:

  1. Make sure you're logged into RefWorks
  2. Go to "Find Articles & More" (in a new browser window), and choose an article database
  3. Enter your search terms and click search
  4. From the list of search results, either mark, check, or save the citations you're interested in
  5. Find your "saved list," "marked items," "folder" etc. - this should be a page that lists the citations you're interested in
  6. There should be options from the marked results list page; choose the option that allows you to export to bibliographic software (RefWorks)

Database-Specific Directions

RefWorks maintains a list of compatible database vendors with step-by-step instructions for each database.