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Use RefWorks: Importing Files of References


For the library's article databases that do not allow the direct export of citations, many offer the ability to save text files of citations which can then be imported into your RefWorks database.


General Directions:

  1. Go to "Find Articles & More" and choose an article database
  2. Enter your search terms and click search
  3. From the list of search results, either mark, check, or save the citations you're interested in
  4. Find your "saved list," "marked items," "folder" etc. - this should be a page that lists the citations you're interested in
  5. Choose to save the citations to a text file
  6. Login to RefWorks
  7. Select References > Import from the tool bar
  8. Choose the appropriate data source / database
  9. Browse to the text file you just saved
  10. Click "Import"
  11. The references should appear in your "Last Imported" Folder

Database-Specific Directions

RefWorks maintains a list of compatible database vendors with step-by-step instructions for each database.