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Use RefWorks: Formatting Papers using the One Line / Cite View


You can cite references in your paper using the One Line / Cite View. Directions on how to use this method are below.


To insert in-text citation references:

  1. In either your "All References" view or a particular folder, change from "Standard View" to "One Line / Cite View"
  2. Click on the "Cite" link next to the reference you want to cite
  3. Click the "Select Citation" button
  4. Either copy (then paste) the selected citation or just drag it into your document
  5. Be sure to clear the citation viewer before selecting your next reference

To Format the Paper/Create a Bibliography:

  1. Save the document you have just edited
  2. Click the bibliography button
  3. Select the output style you'd like to use
  4. Browse and select the document you've just saved
  5. Click the "Bibliography" button

Read the instructions from RefWorks on using the One Line / Cite View.