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Use RefWorks: Search for References


You can search for references through the RefWorks interface. RefWorks provides access to many university library catalogs (including CU's) and also PubMed (from the National Library of Medicine).



  1. Under “Search” menu, select “Online Catalog or Database”
  2. Choose the catalog you'd like to search (the default should be the library catalog for CU)
  3. Choose the maximum number of references you'd like returned for your search
  4. Choose either the Quick Search (all fields) or an Advanced Search by Author, Title, Descriptor or Publication Year
  5. Enter your search terms and click the "Search" button at the bottom of the screen
  6. Your search results will appear in a new window
  7. Check the citations you're interested in including in your RefWorks database, then click on “Import” button
  8. The citations will appear in your "Last Imported" folder and any other folder you choose