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Use RefWorks: Formatting Papers using Write-n-Cite


You can cite references in your paper using Write-n-Cite. Before you can use Write-n-Cite, you need to download the small utility program to your computer. You can find the Write-n-Cite plugin under "Tools" in the RefWorks toolbar.


To insert in-text citation references:

  1. WIthin your document, place the cursor where you'd like the citation to appear
  2. Click on the "Write-n-Cite" button that appears in the Microsoft Word toolbar (*Note* - you must have first installed the Write-n-Cite utility program available through RefWorks)
  3. Login to your RefWorks account
  4. Click the "Cite" link next to the citation you want to include

To Format the Paper/Create a Bibliography:

  1. Save the document you have just edited
  2. Click the bibliography button (within the Write-n-Cite window)
  3. Select the output style you'd like to use
  4. Click the "Create Bibliography" button

Read the instructions from RefWorks on using Write-n-Cite.