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How do I...? Find a textbook

Looking for a textbook for a class you're taking? Check to see if the CU Libraries has a copy of the textbook you need.


While the Libraries doesn't automatically buy copies of textbooks, we may have a copy of the book you need. If the CU Libraries doesn't have it, you can search Prospector to check if other libraries in the area have the book you need.

  1. Chinook - Search Chinook, the CU Libraries catalog, by title or author to see if the textbook is in the Libraries collection
  2. Course Reserves - Check the course reserves listing, either by your instructor's name or the class number, to see if the material is available through Reserves
  3. Prospector - Search Prospector, a union catalog of libraries in Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri and surrounding states, to see if any other libraries have the textbook available. You can request the book directly from Prospector, choose your "pickup library" at CU, and the book will usually arrive within 3-5 days. For more information about borrowing materials from Prospector, visit the "About Prospector" website.

Additional CU Campus Resources:

  1. ALTEC (the Anderson Language Technology Center) on campus has some language textbook resources available. Search their catalog for your language textbook.

  2. CU Bookstore Textbook Rentals - the CU Bookstore has a list of titles you can rent from the bookstore, and additional titles that are available through an affiliate site.



Updated 8/26/10 SA