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Data Sets Being Collected Or Stored at the Libraries


The following sets represent a partial listing. For more specific information concerning any of the sets, contact the relevant department head.




Circulation Data
(contact Head of Access Services for further information)

Some data available through Millenium login via Chinook Web Management Reports.

The Systems Department also provides historical circulation data.

  • Checkouts
  • Reserve checkouts
  • Number of classes with electronic reserves
  • Number of items on electronic reserve
  • Number of classes with standard reserves
  • Number of items on standard reserve
  • Number of items moved to PASCAL
  • Number of items in PASCAL
  • Number of requests for items in PASCAL
  • Origin of requests from PASCAL (i.e. Prospector)
  • Prospector lending
  • Prospector borrowing
  • Comparative lends and borrows to other libraries in the consortium
  • Lost book revenue
  • Overdue fine revenue
  • Number of items shelved
  • Number of items picked up internally in the library


Some data available through Millenium login via Chinook Web Management Reports.

  • Numbers of
    • New titles
    • New pieces
    • Microforms
    • Records produced by PCC, copy cataloging, original cataloging
    • Virtual titles
    • Withdraws
    • Reinstatements
  • Bindery keeps records on numbers of volumes bound inhouse and away
  • Marking records numbers of items marked and Rush items.


LibQual Data

Reports may be read at Lib Qual+. For further information, contact the Associate Director for Public Services.


BCR Data

Contact the Cataloging Department.


ILL Data (Data Gathered in Interlibrary Loan)



  • Total number of ALA requests filled/unfilled ( ALA requests are requests that come from non-OCLC libraries and cannot be filled using WorldCat)
  • Total number of emailed ALA requests filled/unfilled
  • Total number of faxed ALA requests filled/unfilled
  • Total number of Docline requests (stats available online via Docline, the National Library of Medicine's automated Interlibrary Loan request routing and referral system)
  • Total number of RAPID requests filled/unfilled (turnaround time recorded by the minute; RAPID is a document delivery service developed by CSU)
  • Total number of OCLC requests filled/unfilled (stats available online via OCLC; turnaround time is recorded by the day)


  • Total number of books and photocopies requested from in state and out of state institutions (monthly)
  • Total number of prospector items requested by CU-Boulder (filled and unfilled, monthly)
  • Total number of RAPID requests filled, by supplier
  • Cancelled requests: daily number (manual tally) of number of cancelled requests that were available in electronic full text from Science Direct, EBSCO, and other
  • Cancelled requests: daily number (manual tally) of number of cancelled requests for items owned by CUB (print and other formats, not electronic full text)
  • Copyright Clearance Center reports (annually)
    • The following violations are reported to CCC annually:
      • If a single journal is requested 5 times, within the last 5 years of publication
      • If there is more than one request from the same issue of a journal.



Chinook Data

Some data available through Millenium login via Chinook Web Management Reports.




Government Publications Data


Circulation statistics (generated by Circulation Department)


Reference statistics (generated by sampling survey)


Web usage statistics:

    • total visits
    • top visitors
    • top geographic regions
    • top countries
    • most active organizations
    • top entry pages
    • top exit pages
    • top pages visited
    • top documents visited
    • most downloaded files
    • top referring sites
    • top search phrases
    • top search keywords

Processing statistics

Government Publications processes most of the collections, from acquisition to putting books on shelves. Only very small numbers of publications issued by private sectors are processed by the Cataloging Department.

  • marchive records loaded from tapes (federal records), catalog other items without cataloging records on tapes.


Government Publications processes federal, Colorado , state, foreign, international, UN documents



Government Publications processes books, periodicals, CD-ROMs, maps, micorforms, videos, floppy disks

  • Number of withdrawns (duplicate copies, duplicate formats, superseded titles)
  • Linear feet added to collection
  • Microfiche processed by major agencies
  • Number sent to PASCAL



Electronic Resources Usage Data

Usage Statistics of Online Databases

(Compiled by Erika Klein, Department of Reference and Instructional Services)


Collection Development maintains many data sets under "Collection Evaluation," including Find Articles & More usage data, openURL target and sending data, as well as usage of large databases.




Public Services Data Collected for ARL (Contact Administrative Services)