UCB Libraries

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Library staff members, through the LSA, have been instrumental in making changes in the libraries and beyond. The following is a list of staff/LSA accomplishments as of July 2005:


1. Played a major part in establishing the eco-pass program on campus


2. Played a major part in establishing the recycling program on campus


3. Pushed for upward evaluation of supervisors


4. Got LT II/LT II test rewritten which the State of Colorado has adopted for use statewide


5. Served as a place for a sounding board during technical services reorganization


6. Helped create the libraries job sharing policy


7. Helped create the libraries cross training policy


8. Helped create and serve on facilities access taskforce


9. Held opt-out informational session


10. Held state employment system informational session


11. Pushed for staff to be on search committees


12. Organize and run Helping Hands and clothing drive


13. Solicited for changes in the vending machine choices in the staff lounge


14. Requested and got new staff lounge furniture


15. Requested that staff could attend Parapros Conference; the libraries now pays registration fees for any interested staff member


16. Maintain the planters on the west side of Norlin


17. Asked for (and got)“Employee of the Month” program implemented in the libraries


18. Negotiated Flex time arrangements in technical services