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Revision September 2005.

Approved by the Dean and Cabinet October 2005.


Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be UCB Libraries Staff Association.

Article II. Mission

The mission of this organization shall be to foster professional development and promote communication on behalf of its members within the Libraries, the University community and the State personnel system.

Article III. Membership

All UCB Libraries staff employees, whether classified or unclassified, whether permanent or temporary, whether certified or not, are members of the UCB Libraries Staff Association. Participation is voluntary.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1.

There shall be no more than four staff members serving as representatives at any one time.

Section 2.

Section 2.

A term commences the first day of January after an uncontested election, with the end of the term the last day of December.

Article V. Duties of Officers

Section 1.

The representatives organize and facilitate Staff Association meetings. The representatives as a group act as liaison between the Association and the Dean and Director of Libraries, and make meeting notices, agendas, and minutes or summaries of membership meetings available to be published on the libraries’ website or distributed to the individual members in a timely manner. Minutes will be taken by the representatives on a rotating basis or by any member of the Staff Association who volunteers.

Section 2.

The representatives transact the business of the Association between meetings of the Association membership.

Article VI. Committees

Subcommittees will be formed as deemed necessary by the Association members.

Article VII. Meetings

Section 1.

Meetings of the membership shall be held a minimum of three times per year. These meetings shall be:

  • A welcoming gathering each year to remind staff about and to welcome staff to the Association (usually held in the summer)

  • An election meeting at which staff will vote for Association representatives, Libraries Advisory Board (LAB) members, and Campbell Award Committee members (usually held in November)

  • A Dean’s address to Association members (usually held in the spring)

 A meeting notice, which includes an agenda prepared by the representatives, shall be distributed to the membership no less than one week prior to each meeting.

Section 2.

Other meetings may be held at any time, as requested by members or as deemed necessary by the representatives. These meetings require a one-week notice to the Association membership.

Section 3.

Meetings of the representatives are held as needed.

Article VIII. Quorum

A quorum consists of the total number of Association members who submit ballots.

Article IX. Nomination and Election

Section 1.

An Election Committee shall prepare a slate of no less than one but preferably two or more nominees for each office to be filled. Each nominee shall be confirmed to have agreed to inclusion on the slate.

Section 2.

Elections are held annually during the month of November at a time set by the representatives and shall be conducted by the Election Committee.

Section 3.

Elections are held by secret ballot.

Section 4

A majority of ballots cast constitutes a win.

Section 5.

A representative may be removed from office by a two-thirds affirmative vote. Such a vote shall be no less than ten days and no more than forty-five days following distribution to the membership of a Resolution Proposing Removal.

Article X. Voting

Section 1.

All members may cast one vote.

Section 2.

A vote for the election of representatives may be by absentee ballot if a member requests a ballot from any representative or member of the Election Committee no later than the day before the election. The absentee ballot must be returned to a representative or a member of the Election Committee before the end of the election.

Section 3.

Voting will take place by paper ballot or electronic (e-mail) ballot. If an issue that requires a vote comes up at a meeting, the representatives shall prepare and distribute the ballots to the membership in a timely manner. The members shall have seven days from the distribution date to return the ballot to a representative or a member of the Election Committee. The representatives shall count the ballots and announce the result of the vote to the membership no later than three days after the close of the vote.

Section 4.

Ballots will be accepted in either paper or electronic (e-mail) format if delivered to any representative, any member of  the Election Committee, or to any member of the LSA designated to collect the ballots for a specific election or issue.


Section 1.

A special election will be held if no representatives remain willing to serve.

Section 2.

This special election is subject to the guidelines set forth in Articles IX and X.

Article XII. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting membership. Such an election shall be no less than ten days and no more than forty-five days following distribution to the membership of the proposed amendment. Any amendment approved by staff election is subject to approval by the Dean and Director of Libraries.