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University Libraries Staff Association

The LSA Welcomes You!


The Libraries Staff Association (LSA) is your voice at the Libraries. The scope of topics addressed at meetings is large: workplace issues, university concerns, state-wide agendas.


You are automatically a member because you are staff—no sign-up required.

Attending meetings is the best way to:

  • Address any concerns you may have in the workplace
  • Assist you in professional development
  • Network with your peers

This is a staff-only forum; confidential issues forwarded to the LSA representatives will remain confidential.

  • The LSA will then take your concerns on your behalf to the appropriate division/person.

LSA members have been instrumental in making changes throughout the Libraries and beyond. Some of our accomplishments include:

We have fostered our own professional development by participation in the annual Mountain and Plains Parapros [paraprofessional and support staff] Conference, with our registration dues paid in full by the Libraries.  


We have increased the aesthetic beauty of Norlin by providing and caring for the planters at the west entrance.


We have been active in campus-wide issues such as the recycling program and  the ECO-Pass program.


Our members created a better Library Technician II/III test, which the State of Colorado has adopted for all its institutions.

The LSA is an invaluable resource for you as a staff member, and we hope to see you soon!

The University Libraries Staff Association was created by Dean Williams as a forum for staff to discuss and process issues related to life in the workplace.

2010 Officers

  • Laura Burfield
  • Dylan Wiersma


2009 Officers

  • Adam White, Staff Representative
  • Jane Zumwalt, Staff Representative

2008 Officers

  • Beverly Weddle, Staff Representative

2007 Officers

  • Jennifer Davis, Staff Representative
  • Ilene Raynes, Staff Representative
  • Brittany Reed, Staff Representative

2006 Officers

  • Jennifer Davis, Staff Representative
  • Ilene Raynes, Staff Representative
  • Brittany Reed, Staff Representative

2005 Officers

  • Ilene Raynes, Chair
  • Vacant, Chair-elect
  • Vacant, Secretary

2004 Officers

  • Laura Wright, Chair
  • Ilene Raynes, Chair-elect
  • Carl Stewart, Secretary

2003 Officers

  • Dave Anderson, Chair
  • Laura Wright, Chair-elect
  • Ann Frajzyngier, Secretary

2002 Officers

  • Terrie O'Neal, Chair
  • Dave Anderson, Chair-Elect
  • Sandy Harriss, Secretary

2001 Officers

  • Dave Anderson, Chair
  • Terrie O'Neal, Chair-Elect
  • Mark Haury, Secretary

2000 Officers

  • Curt Williams, Chair
  • Dave Anderson, Chair-Elect
  • Mark Haury, Secretary