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MINUTES: February 12, 1998

Many thanks to those who brought the refreshments and goodies to eat.

There is a new LSA homepage located under the Dean's page section on the Libraries homepage.

The Board of the LSA is drafting a letter thanking Parking Services for the ECOPASS. A copy will be sent out for comments first.

Dean Williams came to our meeting to answer questions from the staff.

What does the Dean do to try to get more staff positions in the libraries? Once a year a time is given for us to make a pitch for more staff and faculty. The Dean has asked for 9 new positions each year for the past ten years. This year the campus has already stated that only 15 new faculty positions can be funded. So, we asked for only 5 new positions this year; 3 staff (library technicians) and 2 faculty. Materials budget money was used to create the new network position. Our faculty was reduced by 1 and this money was used to fund another systems position. This year the campus fiscal position seems to be better because enrollment is up. However, the Asian market fell and these foreign students no longer have loans. They will probably have to leave and it is projected that CU will lose $1.6 million dollars in out-of-state tuition. The Dean does not think we will get our new positions because of this, even though we have very good arguments showing our need for new positions. In ten years, we have gotten 4 new positions and for those we had to put our own money up as collateral by reducing the size of our faculty and using materials budget money. This makes us less resourceful.

Someone felt the Dean's meeting presentation on organization of the library was not enough to get us the information wanted. The Dean said he learned from consulting with Pat Wagner and will operate the Dean's meeting differently in the future. There will no longer be a call for questions. Instead, people can ask questions directly in person. That way they can say whether or not their question has been answered completely. A comment was made that some people may feel intimidated asking questions in public.

A question was asked about why broad involvement by staff and faculty working together to make important decisions does not seem to be happening anymore since the initial implementation of CHINOOK. The Dean said the Libraries strategic plan through the year 2003 is being developed. The goals of this plan will be published and broad input will be needed. For example, if the new Science library is attained, how should we be shaping and retrofitting Norlin as a humanities and social science library for the next 20 years. Smart classrooms may be installed in Norlin - what kind of staff will be needed to support these? Out-sourcing parts of our work was discussed. Some work in Technical Services departments can be out-sourced; most work in Public Services departments cannot be out-sourced. A comment was made that these decisions sound like they would entail faculty involvement in planning and not staff involvement.

There was a question about how out-sourcing could be cheaper than simply hiring more staff. The Dean told us money from materials budgets can be used to pay for out-sourcing cataloging and studies show the costs are less than hiring new staff. Also, the rules of the university do not allow for more staff to be hired. We are in the 58th percentile of all universities in this country in terms of amount of staff. The Dean would rather we were in the top 10. The university does not give us that choice. We have one of the larger cataloging staff sizes in the country and we have very good quality control. The quality control is necessary when cataloging is out-sourced. The chancellor has made the determination not to put money into more staff.

Who is the lobbyist for CU and to whom does this lobbyist report? The Dean told us Linda Pryor is the CU lobbyist and she reports directly to the president of the university. The president has contact with the legislature and he has asked the Deans not to contact the legislature. Linda Pryor puts out information about bills and asks our opinion. Our Dean contacts her directly. She is a professional exempt staff person and is hired by the president of the university. Each institution in the state has a lobbyist. The Dean does not talk to a legislator directly unless the president has given him permission. The president makes hard decisions on what the final requests for the university will be. We do get to keep our fine money and we can hire people with that money. We argued and won to right to keep this fine money 2 years ago.


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