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MINUTES: October 29, 1998
Many thanks to those who brought goodies to eat.

Curt will take over as President of the LSA next year. We have a safety meeting with Jim Manzanares next week and the election & "leftovers" meeting Dec.1. Bring your Thanksgiving leftovers for a potluck, vote and whatever "leftover LSA business to Curt" you have.

Our guest speakers today are Susan Anthes, who collects crabs, and Janet Swan Hill, who ice skates. The meeting was also attended by several crab items, wind-up toys and a near antique pair of magic ice skates. Thanks to Special Collections for the loan of the Halloween wind-up toys.

Susan brought up the 18 new position requests Jim mentioned in the Dean's meeting yesterday. She told us the Libraries ask for a certain amount of money based on what we think the salaries for the positions would be. The 18 new position requests are for 9 faculty and 9 staff positions. We are asking for these new positions in our Budget request hearings

Regarding Prospector:

Janet said the Libraries do not have a position on latest entry vs. successive entry serial cataloging because all the information has not been gathered yet. Janet said she was one of the leading advocates of latest entry cataloging in the 1980's at ALA. She was turned down by ALA when she proposed making latest entry serial cataloging the standard. Janet did implement latest entry cataloging at Northwestern University when they switched to an on-line catalog. Northwestern has since switched back to successive entry serial cataloging because they migrated to another on-line system.

Susan suggested the LSA look for ways to make our views known and make our input heard regarding Prospector. We can go directly to task force members other than those who represent our library. It was suggested that George Makovic would be happy to receive our input via e-mail and we can copy everyone on the task force.

Janet said we have been assured that we will be able to see the draft of the task force proposals regarding Prospector.

The Prospector project is keeping to its schedule at an alarmingly swift pace. Janet noted a lot of planning time was lost because the Prospector contract was in limbo for 4 or 5 months and no planning occurred during this time. When the contract finally did come through, the original schedule was reinstated.

Janet asks candidates interviewing for jobs if they have experience implementing projects they do not agree with. This may end up being the case with possible changes to our procedures related to implementing the Prospector project.

Regarding the Prospector interests vs.local interests, there may come a point when we realize some changes may benefit us. There are 12-17 libraries involved in Prospector.

Yem and Brice will address circulation issues related to Prospector Tuesday at the Public Services division meeting. All are welcome to attend.

The topic of supervisor evaluations was addressed. OCI has investigated this issue as far as they can. It is an ongoing process.

It was mentioned that what tenure review consists of, what faculty are doing and what they are reporting to the tenure review committee is of interest to staff.

The chat lines on e-mail suggestion Barbara Willis made at the Dean's meeting was an idea that was welcomed. This type of communication was discussed enthusiastically.

Janet said in the future there will be explicit instructions to keep everyone informed when one joins a committee and reports back. It is important to report details back and forth, to and from committees whether details seem important or not.

The model of task forces used to implement CHINOOK was suggested to be applied to other issues such as Prospector whenever possible. Proposals should be put forth and input sought at the draft stage. At some point an issue should be opened to the floor.

The new Science library square footage has not been determined because the site has not been determined yet. Offsite material at Louisville or the future Fitzsimmons site will never be brought back to the Science library or any other libraries except on an item by item basis. The Chemistry dept. has a lot of clout and they want the Hunter site for the new Science library, even though this is the smaller site. The Farrand field site is preferrable to some because it is larger and the Alliance for Technological Learning and Society (ATLAS) program is closer to that site. Bobby Schnabel is in charge of ATLAS. The ATLAS mission is to spread technology throughout the university. MathPhysics library may be moved into the new Science library and it was mentioned that the Math department faculty seem to be under the mistaken impression that the offsite math books will be returned if MathPhysics library moves to the new Science library.

The Silver and Gold newspaper is a good source of information on proposed projects.

The final comment was about the communication issue. Reasonable discourse is the goal and bullying should be discouraged.


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