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MINUTES: November 12, 1998

Many thanks to those who brought goodies to share.

Jim Manzanares came to speak to us today. He passed around the photo and description of the batik stolen from the library.

Jim has received complaints for a long time about bicycle traffic on campus. It has been hard finding students to hire who are willing to enforce the bicycle rules on campus. Violators have become increasingly violent when confronted. An officer recently had to arrest someone who had violated a dismount zone rule and attacked the officer when asked for identification. This type of attack is happening more and more frequently. The violations themselves are more and more dangerous also. People are being run over by bikes on campus.

Jim noted our staff is doing a great job locking up their valuables and purses. He is also grateful for the great job we do with reporting problem people in the library. We may not be aware of police contacts in the library, but there are fewer problems because of the great job we do by reporting to the police.

In the Spring there will be more officers patrolling the dismount zones on campus. It was noted that "right-of-way" is not apparent at many places on campus. The warning decals on the ground (circles with slashes) were a compromise to placing signs on campus. Many people felt there were already too many signs around. However, the decals are unclear as to what area they apply to so signs are now being re-considered.

More lighting and emergency telephones are being installed on campus. Take time to look at an emergency telephone now and see what button you need to push to work it so you won't have to figure that out in the future during an emergency.

Jim said he noticed countless lights out on campus during a recent check at night. Each light has a number near it. Please report the light number to University Police or Facilities Management (2-5522). Jim is amazed at how many lights are out on campus.

If you have concerns about city problems such as poorly lighted areas, you can report these to Jim also. He can direct these concerns to the appropriate place. It was mentioned that the alleys on the Hill need to have lighting. Some alley lights have actually been removed by the city. Jim said the city sometimes meets opposition to adding lights in some areas.

Jim told us to be aware and plan our trips at night. It is already dark at 5:00 pm now. He emphasized that we should be aware. Don't think about other things when you are walking anywhere at night. Go in pairs if possible. Be aware of everything happening around you. You can flag down a bus or taxi or anyone if you feel scared. Do not be afraid to ask for help or call the police. He mentioned the library area is fairly safe.

Night walk/night ride was formerly run by volunteers, but now there are paid staff available for this. Background checks are run on these staff people. Many different groups including the police have helped cover the hours needed for this program.

The "ho chi min" trail was mentioned as being terribly unsafe. The railing has been broken for many years. The ice on all the trails to the north of campus is extremely hazardous to walk on. These trails are poorly lit and some have no lighting at all.

LSA decided it will write a letter about the problems on these paths to the Colorado Daily. Jim encouraged us to do this. He and his department have tried to get the problems on these trails addressed for many years and have not been successful. They are very frustrated about this.

Domestic violence was the next topic. Statistically, it is next to impossible not to know someone who has experienced this problem. There is help and support available on campus. Victim advocates can help. In fact, they can help victims of all types of crime.

If you feel you have been re-victimized by the police, you should write a letter to the police so they can examine possible changes in their procedures.


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