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MINUTES: Tuesday, April 20, 1999, N410, 2pm

Next meeting--not yet scheduled

13 staff members in attendance.

Curt Williams introduced Jim Williams, Dean of the Libraries. Jim asked for questions. Following an informal conversation prior to the meeting about the maintenance of the planters at the west entrance, it was asked "What can be done about making the East plaza more attractive especially regarding all the concrete."

Jim responded that, in the years he has been here, one thing he has learned about how this place works: the institution likes concrete--it is low maintenance. With only a 1.5% standard factor increase in operational budgets he is reluctant to propose projects that will require additional maintenance. While he has fought for improvements to the east entrance, for things like signage, he believes we will have to wait for the planned retrofit of Norlin, several years down the line, before we can expect any major changes to the East Entrance and plaza.

Facilities Management (Facman) cannot provide additional maintenance for the planters on the west side, so their proposal is to remove the planters entirely.

Asked: "When is the retrofit of Norlin scheduled?"

It is not yet scheduled, but part of the three part libraries development plan (University Libraries Capital Campaign) that includes the Science Library, Norlin retrofit and endowment for Libraries staffing.

Asked: "Is Business Library renovation expansion part of this?"

No, this is a Business School project. It is not part of the Capitol Campaign, although we (the Libraries) are responsible for fundraising for the Business Library renovation/expansion.

Asked: "What is the status of the Science Library?"

The submission fo the program plan had to be pushed back. Had hoped to be submitting this about now to Regents, but discussions with CU Science faculty got bogged down because they wanted discussion of the new Science Library to include returning items that were off-site. Faculty needed to understand that Libraries was in an untenable position if it was on one hand asking and getting an off-site facility in Fitzsimmons and at the same time asking for a new Science Library that was to house items already sent off-site. Currently hope is that architects will work on program plan for Science Library over the summer, to be submitted to the Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) in the Fall and the Board of Regents in December.

Location for proposed new Science Library is to be Fisher Field, which is where it has been on the Master Plan for some time. While some wanted it to be located where Hunter (condemned) currently is, it was felt there was too much competition for space there. ATLAS (Alliance for Technology, Learning, and Society), Fine Arts, Journalism and Telecom number among those interested in Hunter. The Fisher Field site has the advantage of grouping the science libraries together (Earth Sci, Engine, Math Phys and Science) and physical connecting walkways are being proposed below-grade.

Planning for Science library includes a 0% hard-copy growth after 10 years.

Asked: "Is the Campus Master Plan available for public view?"

Not sure. It was available for a time on the web but FacMan had to be called to get the address. Understand it is still only in DRAFT form to be submitted later to Regents. [Sec.Note: hard copy of current draft of Master now available in Dean's office]

A couple of other notes on the Capitol Fundraising Campaign. Former Representative David Skaggs will be leading the whole Capitol Fundraising campaign. He bought his Washington office furniture, brought it to Boulder and it is being stored on the 5th floor until a suitable office can be found in Norlin. In addition to leading the Capitol Campaign he will be teaching at CU. Tom Cech will be leading the campaign for the Science Library. We need to raise 1/2 of the funds needed for this project.

Asked: "What is being done about the Welcoming Desk proposal that came from the Student Supervisors group?" (Proposed that a desk be staffed to answer questions for patrons during first weeks of school at Norlin East Entrance)"

This was recently discussed in LAB and a self-help touch-screen computer terminal is being looked into. While this will not be effective for all patrons it may help some. Budget restrictions and design problems in the East entrance do not facilitate solution to this problem. Also there is a feeling that PS staff may not have the time at this busy time of year to devote time to a general welcoming desk.

Discussion ensued and Dean was told that there was a time when this was a staffed position and some staff felt that a computer terminal would not provide important customer service. Some mentioned that perhaps TS staff might be a good source for temporary staffing of a welcome desk.

Asked: "What is being planned to prepare supervisors, especially faculty supervisors because they are not in the state personnel system, for the changes that will come with Colorado Peak Performance (CPP)?

There is still no date for the implementation of CPP in the University. Salary Survey increases will take effect again this July, but after that it is unknown. It is expected that Faculty (and all supervisors) will have mandatory training for CPP along the model of the mandatory training that was required for Sexual Harassment awareness. Some kind of sanctions (withholding of legal support for supervisors who have grievances made against them or garnishment of wages) have been considered for those who do not attend training.

It should be realized that this is an example of an "unfunded mandate" from the State. There has been no money provided for training and there is no money allocated for the merit increases that are specified by the plan. PACE plans were an opportunity for the same kind of performance planning if supervisors and employees had used these for face-to-face planning and feedback. Unfortunately many PACE plans were simply checkmarks and, campus-wide, the practice of any PACE planning at all is very inconsistent.

The notice sent out suggesting that everyone review PDQ's is a first indication of the implementation of CPP. Other agencies including CU-Health Science are further along in the implementation of CPP but CU-Boulder, logically because of the size of the campus and number of employees, opted to go on-line later in the process--hopefully after the kinks have been worked out.

Other business:

Linda Vosburgh reported on University Benefits Advisory Board (UBAB) activities--formerly Benefits Oversight Committee. (She is one of only two staff representatives Systemwide to this board.) Investigations continue as to what contributed to the 12 million dollar deficit in the system's healthcare program. Part of the delay in finding out about this deficit is due to slowness of Great Western to provide information. President Buechner has promised that the recovery of this money will not be through increased premiums.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for a new provider have been responded to for Dental, Health and Life Insurance plans and are being reviewed. Staff should again have opportunities for HMO, Indeminity, Point of Service (POS) plans. Look for your Enrollment booklets next fall. State of Colorado Plans have also gone out to bid this year so there may be changes there.

Comment made: While choices may be nice or cheaper, the option of changing provider may interfere with a relationship that might have been established between the patient and doctor.

Terri O'Neal reported on Student Supervisor's Meeting. Discussed student assistant wages, recruitment and welcome table.

Various personal issues were discussed....

Hey! That's "personal issues," not "personnel issues." A staff member brought up an issue that he/she did not want widely spread on email. If you want further information, contact one of the LSA Executive Committee or someone who attended the meeting.

Notes taken by Carl Stewart for LSA Executive Committee:

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