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MINUTES: Thursday, October 28, 1999, N410, 10-11:30am

 23 staff members in attendance. Quorum is 24.

Meeting opened with distribution of a document prepared by the LSA Executive Committee which summarizes the mission and obligations of the LSA and which listed a selection of what the LSA has done over the past four years. (This document is included in this posting as an attachment, and also follows the minutes for those with difficulty reading attachments.)

Curt Williams, Chair, asked for general discussion of the purpose of the LSA. For instance, is there still a need for the LSA? The need for this discussion is in part brought on by the lack of volunteers for the position of Chair-elect which went vacant this fall. If there are not staff to fill positions on LSA it cannot continue to function under the current by-laws.

[Secretary note: LSA by-laws may be viewed at: ]

  • Some of the points that were raised in the discussion:
  • The LSA seems to duplicate the work of other committees such as the Library Advisory Board (LAB) albeit through staff representatives.
  • The LSA could act more as a vehicle for referring staff concerns to the LAB.
  • Colorado Peak Performance (CPP) may make the LSA a more important place for dialogue.
  • There have not seemed to be a lot of issues for the LSA lately, but the ebb and flow of activity should be expected from a group like this.
  • Anyone who should chose to run for a position in the LSA should know that there are now three past-chairs of LSA whose experience you can draw on.
  • The LSA is important as an organization to keep issues alive-such as "Whatever happened to OCI?"

Question of "Is the current by-laws-required four meetings too many?" was raised. This was discussed, but generally it was felt that having a minimum of four meeting (as will be done this year) is OK.

Frustration felt by past LSA officers, that it is difficult to take "official actions" or make "official recommendations" because there is rarely a quorum was expressed. Options for the distribution of paper ballots, on motions that required it, via email seemed acceptable under the current by-laws although there still may be staff who do not do email. The fact that it is difficult to find time to attend meetings or so many meetings was expressed--especially for Public Service staff. (It was pointed out that only three Public Service staff members were in attendance at this meeting.) No motion made to change by-laws for quorum

Group was asked what they would like to see accomplished in future meetings. The following ideas were mentioned:

  • Get reports from Committees. There was discussion about this being redundant with all of the emailed minutes, but some felt that to hear important points about committee work and respond as a group is different from simply reading meeting minutes.
  • Review what we individually might have learned about such things as Benefits Enrollment to help answer or clarify questions we might have for Benefits office. (It was mentioned that published Benefits information seemed to be particularly difficult to understand this year and that the verbal presentations by Benefits were very helpful-reminder that staff need to enroll for Benefits by November 19.)
  • Same type of dialogue may be useful for staff to share experiences with CPP as we get farther along in the process.
  • LSA might propose topics or questions for the Dean's (now the "Cabinets") All-Libraries meetings. Curt, the LSA Chair and an LAB member volunteered to take any staff questions to the meeting.

Group was asked what outside presentations might be useful in the future.

  • CPP related presentation related to staff concerns.
  • CPP presentation on communication and negotiation with supervisor.
  • Staff Council representative presentation. It was noted that current Libraries representative, Lynn Delaguardia, is not a libraries staff member.
  • Presentation about Collective Bargaining which is expected to be on the Colorado ballot soon.
  • Presentation on such things as Disability Leave, Workman's Compensation, Leave Bank etc. It was noted that maybe presentation by people who have actually gone through the process might be particularly useful rather than just learning from administrators of the programs.

Chair wrapped up the discussion saying that now the next LSA Executive Committee has some ideas to work from and returned to the question of "Who will be willing to serve as Chair, Chair-elect and Secretary for the next year?" Karla Schorzman, Cheryl Koelling (continuing), and Janice Knollenberg volunteered to be an Elections Committee.

To increase attendance at LSA meetings it was mentioned that it would be useful to have LSA meetings scheduled for the year so that people could plan ahead and reserve the time. Also, the notion of having an LSA meeting(s) in branches was discussed.

Committee reports:

Curt for the LAB reminded people of the Cabinet's All-Libraries Meeting November 9th.

Linda V. for Benefits Oversight (BOAB) reminded people that Open Enrollment is on, and strongly recommended that people attend an information session because they explain things more clearly than the packet information. You MUST re-enroll or you'll wind up with the Catastrophic coverage. The deadline to enroll is Nov. 19th.

Cheryl for the Social Functions Committee reminded people that the Holiday party will be held December 7th.

Anita C. with Helping Hands reminded people that the Turkey Raffle tickets will be available soon and that Helping Hands exists to help staff and support staff in the Libraries with special needs for food or occasionally for temporary financial difficulties.

Notes submitted by Carl Stewart, LSA Secretary

text of document distributed at meeting

October 27, 1999

Future of the LSA?

"Standing" obligations:

* "The Mission" from the bylaws

"The mission of this organization shall be to foster professional development and promote communication on behalf of its members within the Libraries and the University community."

 * Election of Staff representatives to certain committees:

Election of LSA Officers: Secretary, Chair - Elect, Chair (we do not currently have a Chair elect)

Election of LAB staff Representatives

Election of Campbell Awards committee representatives

 * Tasks assigned by the Diversity Committee (Libraries 1995 Diversity Plan)

"Consider avenues for changing the classified system to better recognize qualifications other than those currently tested." (some testing practices have changed)

"Investigate and set up a pilot project to ease staff job identification and application process by providing a staff-person contact for potential applicants" (Lsa chose not to pursue this 1996-97)

Other all libraries personnel or supervisors responsibilities (create a working climate that fosters diversity, foster a supportive social and cultural environment. Etc.)


Future requests of LSA?:

Assist in Program Review

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LSA activities/accomplishments over the past four years include:

Reports from committees/groups (email notices have supplanted the need?):

  • Library Advisory Board (LAB)
  • Faculty Staff Development
  • Social Functions Committee
  • Ecopass committee
  • Benefits Oversight
  • Ergonomics Committee (defunct)
  • OCI
  • Staff council
  • Parapros
  • Poetry
  • Helping Hands (Mitten Tree)
  • Ice Cream Social Committee

Input given or Actions taken:

  • Flextime/Flex Place Policy
  • Educational Leave Policy
  • Classification Structure
  • Supervisor Evaluation Process and Document
  • Single Entry vs. Latest or Successive Entry
  • Staff lounge
  • Benefits Rate increases (motion to Staff Council)
  • Ecopass Poll
  • Staff Orientation Packet
  • Survey of Staff on what they want LSA to do (1997)

Presentations by/about:

  • Wendell Pryor (CAPE)
  • Security
  • Dean has talked to us several times
  • Scott Seaman (Ass. Dir for Admin Services)
  • Janet Swan Hill and Susan Anthes (Assoc. Dir. for Technical Services & Public Services)
  • Staff Personnel
  • Performance Based Pay Informational Presentation (Unions, State and Univ. People)


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