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Minutes: February 10, 2004

Several items were on the agenda:


A.   Building hours, staff keys and flextime.

In face of the planned restrictions in flex hours, on the possibility of entering the building when the security is not here, and the prospect of a mandatory 30 min. lunch break, the LSA decided to find out what the staff rights are, to clarify the discrepancies between the Division rules and the State rules, to take the the issues to LAB and ask the Dean to offer flexibility.

B.   LT III and LT II tests.

LSA is going to form a task force to work with Human Resources on an adequate LT II and LT III tests.

C.   The higher education layoff matrix (see: http://www.mscd.edu/~csc/slcweb/ ).

In view of new regulations, the performance score rather than seniority is determining the employees' layoffs. The lay off matrix changes will be clarified with Mollie Morton from Human Resources (we would like to invite her to a LSA meeting).

D.   Changes in the way Facilities Management people do their jobs.

The Facilities Management staff is to form task teams (not responsible for geographical areas). It is not clear at this point how the library is going to be effected. LSA decided to wait until the new system is implemented before addressing the issue.

Recorded by: Ann Frajzyngier