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Minutes: July 29, 2004

1:00 PM UMC room 245.


We welcome feedback on the location of Staff meetings.


1. Discussion with members from the ad hoc Task Force on Recruitment to the Profession of Academic Librarianship.

Rebecca Imamoto and Sean Knowlton from the taskforce spoke with us. Formed in December 2002, they have a broad charge which includes contacting local and distance library science programs, looking at recruitment strategies, establishing shadowing programs for CU students, and providing practicum internships for Master of Library Science (MLS) students. We have had seven responses to our offer of internships.


One Task Force initiative is called "What can you do with X degree?" to show CU students in various disciplines how their degree can be applied with Library Science. An exhibit around this theme is planned for the Libraries.


The committee has developed an "Exit Survey" for faculty. They have also surveyed current Libraries faculty to understand, among other things, what brought the present Libraries faculty to librarianship. One item of interest is that 60% of the current faculty first worked as paraprofessionals in libraries. This would seem to indicate that the current staff might be a source for recruitment and ideas. The committee welcomed our input. One suggestion is that the staff be surveyed for their interest.


The committee is finalizing a report which when accepted will be available for review.

Related discussion followed about what opportunities exist for staff to attend work-related education during work-time or with flex-time. Staff members' experiences were discussed, and it was noted that release time is at the supervisor's discretion, whether this is through CU's Faculty Staff Tuition Benefit or outside CU. The policy on "RELEASE TIME FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION" is in the Administrative Policy Manual (APM) at: http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/adminservices/manual/admin/continue.htm

2. Libraries Diversity plan

In June, Susan Anthes sent out a message on Norlin list saying that a new draft of the Diversity Plan is available for comment and it seemed appropriate for the Libraries Staff Association to consider this issue.


The current Diversity Plan is viewable at:



Anyone who did not save the new Diversity Plan DRAFT can request one from the Public Services office.


The following points were made during the discussion:

The limited student assistant budget has greatly reduced the diversity of our workforce. Before these budget limitations, a large number of international students were hired. Now, since we are often limited to work-study students (Int'l students not eligible for Work Study) we have become less diverse. That fact alone has perhaps reduced the quality of our service, and in other cases we have had to select less-qualified student workers, who had work-study, over more qualified workers who did not have work-study.


LSA Executive Board is considering ways of making a statement about this to the Administration.


Cross training (see the APM):

This was a policy formed in part out of diversity efforts. It is becoming more difficult to take advantage of this opportunity because staff shortages make supervisors less willing to give up any of their employees' time.


Facilities issues continue to interfere with how welcoming the Libraries may be to diversity in staff and the public. A story was told of a patron getting stuck in the west elevator and the alarm not working. Ilene gave a report from the facilities access taskforce. They are looking at locations that can allow access, food, have adequate capacity, and can be scheduled. A formal report from this taskforce is forthcoming through LAB.

During the discussion it was pointed out that the LSA has been part of achieving some of the diversity goals in the plan in the past.

Future topics for the LSA:

1. The Dean requested that we talk about morale and morale building without money.


2. Floating staff position. This sort of topic has been raised before, as a strike force that could be applied to a particular project around the libraries or in other forms. We would like to discuss it again, perhaps limited to one division or another.


3. Report of the Task Force on the revision of the LTII test (one of the diversity goals from long ago).

Please direct questions or additional topics to any members of the LSA executive committee:

Laura Wright (chair) Laura.Wright@colorado.edu
Ilene Raynes (chair-elect) Ilene.Raynes@colorado.edu
Carl Stewart (secretary) Carl.Stewart@colorado.edu