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Minutes: February 17, 2005

Meeting of the Libraries’ Staff Association [LSA] called to order by chairperson Ilene Raynes at 11:35; nine staff members in attendance.


“Email voting” issue:  should we change the by-laws to specifically include or specifically exclude voting by email?  Laura Wright will send out ballots [by email] week of 21 Feb.  The ballot can be printed out; paper ballots should be sent to Helene McHendry [who will check off those who have voted].  A quorum of 24 is needed to make the decision binding.  Helene explained that past objections to email voting have been that not all personnel had email access & that some staff members were worried that their ballot would not be secret.  Since e-mail is the official means of communication on campus, all staff now have email.


“LSA functionality for 2005”:  if staff members feel that issues need to be raised, please contact Ilene Raynes.  She will need a volunteer as acting secretary for each meeting called.  For LSA elections planned in September, Ilene will ask for 2 election committee members.  If nominations are not received then for all 3 LSA executive committee positions, LSA will be completely inactive until a group decides to revive it.


Helene McHendry reported that LAB [Library Advisory Board] will soon survey staff, to determine why staff employees are not volunteering to serve on committees.


Old business:  “suggestions to improve staff morale”


Ilene (and Laura) had compiled a list of suggestions, generated at a previous LSA meeting and from suggestions that staff members emailed to them, which were reviewed by the Jim and Scott & returned to her with their comments.  Suggestion #5 had been to devise non-monetary rewards for staff [such as free or discounted tickets to performances or sporting events, etc.].  The consensus of LSA members present was that such arrangements were not within the charge of LSA itself, but that perhaps supervisors, Administrative Services, or the Faculty-Staff Development Committee should take on the responsibility.  Members also expressed the need for staff input on possible rewards, as free or discounted basketball tickets would be of little interest to some personnel.

Another suggestion to improve staff morale was the opportunity for a volunteer to record the end-of-day closing announcement in Norlin.  This announcement may need revision anyway, as the message is unclear in some parts of the building.  However, an early estimate of the cost of recording was $200 (which was skeptically received by the LSA members present, given our own Media Library’s capabilities & those of other staff members).  Laura Wright will work with Scott Seaman on this.


To improve staff morale, another suggestion was to encourage staff “employee of the month” nominations (for which the reward is a day off).  LSA members present suggested that the winner might also get some parking services benefit (such as an “employee of the month” parking spot, or a temporary parking placard).  Ilene & Laura will also present this topic to Scott.


Another suggestion to improve staff morale was to have separate faculty/staff restrooms in Norlin.  We have received complaints that the existing public restrooms are a mess.  Helene commented that our custodial staff has been reduced by more than ½.  Ilene & Laura will convey this request to Scott.


To improve staff morale, some had suggested hiring more international students with the aim of a more diverse workforce and particular subject expertise that these potential student employees often have.  Ilene will take this topic to the student supervisors’ group & if there is agreement among the student supervisors, she will ask the administration to implement the suggestion, if the budget allows.  Hiring international students may require additional funds, as they rarely qualify for work-study awards.  The question was raised if there is any incentive for a supervisor to hire a more diverse workforce?  Ilene will convey this information to Scott.


Members have asked if additional social functions can be planned.  The consensus of this group was that no additional funds were available.


Members suggested that the libraries might exchange services for “freebies”.  These include offering advertising space within the libraries in exchange for UMC gift certificates.  Ilene & Laura will suggest to Scott that the Public Relations office or the new development asst. dean might undertake this.


In the current “Silver & Gold” there was an article that pay-for-performance awards might be replaced by a flat 3.0% raise, across-the-board for all reviews of satisfactory or above.  With the understanding that this proposed legislation still has to be passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor, we had several questions:


Would the raise be base-building or a one-time award?

If passed, when would the raise be effective?

Would the 3.0% include the salary survey raise, also?  


Ilene & Laura will present these issues to Scott.


Helene McHendry reported that the library technician testing taskforce has completed its work.  The state has accepted the revised written tests for LT II & III and the oral LT III exam.  The tests are in Human Resources, CU-Boulder, and are being implemented by Kris Watson.


Meeting adjourned at 12:35.


Minutes submitted by Jane Zumwalt, acting secretary.