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Minutes: July 7, 2005

Minutes from the 7/7/2005 Library Staff Association Meeting

(Items in red mean that there has been changes since the LSA meeting and/or that Ilene would like staff response regarding these)

Mark Augustin was introduced to the group. Mark is from Employee Development and has volunteered to help the Library Staff Association (LSA) in deciding the future of the organization.


Mark addressed the group about the future of the LSA. He stated that no decision has been made about the future of the LSA. The organization itself will make all decisions about its future. He stated that he was not at the meeting to lay any guilt trips on us. He reviewed the Library Staff Committee Participation Survey results and came to the following conclusions. There are about 120 staff members. 22 responded to the survey. Only 10 said they served on committees.

  1. Staff believe that their voice is not heard at meetings.
  2. Staff are over worked (here as well as on campus).
  3. There is little incentive for Staff to serve on committees.
  4. There is a lack of support from supervisors for Staff to serve on committees.

Next, the group developed a list of LSA and staff accomplishments (items that staff initiated).

  1. Ecopass
  2. Recycling program
  3. Upward evaluation of supervisors
  4. Library Technician testing (LT II, LT III, and LT III screening tests have all been rewritten)
  5. Technical Services reorganization sounding board
  6. Job sharing document
  7. Cross training document
  8. Facilities access taskforce
  9. Opt out sessions
  10. State employee information sessions
  11. Staff serving on search committees
  12. Helping hands
  13. Clothing drives (sell in used clothes to raise money for HH)
  14. Vending machine questionnaire
  15. Planters on the West porch
  16. Employee of the month
  17. Renegotiation of flex time in Technical Services
  18. Staff lounge furniture (LSA/LAB)
  19. Library funding and Administrative leave for the PARAPROS Conference

Next we discussed some of the reasons why we do or do not serve on committees or come to meetings.

  1. People getting ready to retire no longer want to serve.
  2. We come to meetings when we have a need.
  3. We have a need to keep the structure of the LSA organization.
  4. We have a structure now that people don’t want to buy into.
  5. No sense of accomplishment from meetings.
  6. How much was really our accomplishment or was it campus accomplishment?
  7. LSA keeps things from being top down decisions
  8. The more done for us, the less we do and appreciate for ourselves.
  9. Campus moral really low.

Next we discussed some alternative structures for LSA.

  1. Keep the structure as is.
  2. Morph the organization.  Review the structure, goals, and by-laws.
  3. Merge the LSA into a tighter connection with staff council.
  4. Eliminate it and transfer its functions to other committees.
  5. Ad-hoc town hall type committee.
  6. Ad-hoc town hall type committee with an elected contact person.

The group decided that it would be best to retain the LSA identity. Since LSA is staff only, it is important to keep it separate from LAB. We need to determine its structure, revisit the by-laws and have a contact person.  Ilene will stay as our contact person until all changes are complete.


Active participation is really an issue with LSA. Some people just read e-mail to keep up with issues instead of attending meetings. Jim Williams needs to encourage supervisors to actively support staff participation in meetings and committee work. We need to really get the message out the “LSA is the voice of the Staff.”


The group next put together some goals for LSA.

  1. Rewrite the by-laws.
  2. Recruit participation.
  3. Have a welcome to the Libraries party for all new staff hired within the last 3 years.  Have staff who have been around longer invite and bring the newer employees to the party.  We would like cabinet sanctioning for this event.

Candy Gobrecht, Terrie O’Neal, Curt Williams and Ilene Raynes have agreed to work on the welcoming party.  We hope to hold it by the end of July. This party will be held on Wednesday, August 3rd at 2:00 p.m. in the British and Irish Studies Room.


Laura Wright, Cyndie Hardie, and Helene McHendry and Ilene Raynes will work on the rewriting of the by-laws. Are there other volunteers to help with the rewriting of the by-laws? If you are interested, please contact Ilene Raynes.


We will post a list of our accomplishments at the welcoming party.


Candy Gobrect will work on an LSA flyer for new employees. This flyer is finished and will be sent to all staff in a separate email.


LSA would like to be involved in the plans for Chris Hendrickson’s bike rack and celebration.


There was discussion that if the dean does not have the time to meet with new staff members, that maybe the associate directors could do so instead. Ilene Raynes and Helene McHendry will speak to Jim about this. Jim has agreed to start meeting with new staff members again; he will get a list of staff members that have joined the libraries in the last three years.


Updates on other issues:

  1. Survey for vending machine. We can make some changes to what we have in the vending machine in the Norlin staff room. The following items were requested several times, thanks to Jennifer Davis’ call for requests. The vending machine company’s responses are listed, as well.

    1. Three Musketeers (regular) and Milky Way (King Size)— the vending machine company is looking at adding these to our machines
    2. Milky Way Dark - if we carried Milky Way Dark, it would be in place of the regular Milky Way
    3. Power Bar – they could try to add, but it would cost $2.00. Would staff pay this much for a Power Bar? If yes, let Ilene know.
    4. Nabisco 100 Calorie Snack Packs – they’d be willing to put in the machine, but they are kind of small packs and would cost $1.00. If you’d pay this much for them, let Ilene know.
    5. Raisins, Licorice and wheat or graham crackers – are all items that have been tried in the past and did not sell well.
    6. Cracker Jacks – have “issues” that keep them from being sold in the machines (don’t really know what that means, but Ilene can find out if someone was dying to know)
    7. Peanuts and Pretzels – should already be in the machine, if they are not, they will add them.

      Let Ilene know if you have any more comments/suggestions regarding vending machine choices and she can be in touch with the company.

  2. LSA feels that there is a lack of staff members on the Core Planning Team.  There are some staff members who volunteered and were not asked to serve.  Ilene Raynes and Helene McHendry will speak to Jim Williams about the issue.  We will express that staff feel undervalued by their lack of representation on the committee. LSA successfully appealed to Jim Williams regarding this issue and Lynnette Leiker has been appointed to the Core Planning Team

  3. Non-monetary awards, gift certificates, etc.  The value of all these things need to be declared as income.  The campus is developing guidelines for this.  We will readdress this once the campus guidelines are established.

  4. Frustration that no formal statement came from the Administration to the library community about the passing of Chris Hendrickson was discussed.  Also we seek clarification about the funds we can contribute to in her honor.  Ilene and Helene will discuss these with Jim Williams. LSA was successful in getting these issues addressed, as well.

Two issues that came up after the meeting:


It was suggested that LSA put together an "acronym cheat sheet" for new people (ARL, ALA, CTRC, LSA, BCR). We could have the acronym (or even words like the "Council"), with a link to the association if pertinent, and a brief explanation of what it is.  EG: LAB [linked to their home page]: Libraries Advisory Board. Consists of Staff and Faculty members who report directly to the Dean on concerns raised by his constituents within the Libraries. Please contact Ilene if you are interested in working on this project.


It was suggested that the LSA should work to get cross training more widely accepted and encouraged by supervisors throughout the libraries. Ilene will send out an email asking for response from departments would like to participate and will then work at getting Cabinet to “push” supervisors to support cross training.


Respectfully submitted,

Helene McHendry