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Minutes: February 22, 2006

The Libraries Staff Association (LSA) met with Liz Bishoff, Meri Willett, and Lynnette Leiker, members of the Strategic Planning Committee, for a discussion on the Libraries strategic plan on February 22, 2006. 13 staff members attended, from 6 departments.


After Liz presented an overview of the plan and its goals and objectives, the group discussed possible activities. Liz stressed that this plan is flexible, not comprehensive, and can be added to or changed at anytime during the next three years. The activities used to meet the objectives and goals will have responsible parties. These people/departments will be responsible for completing the activity. Activities will have a direct impact on the budget and will be prioritized, but able to change due to service needs.


This group of staff members came up with roughly 21 possible activities for the strategic plan. This was a very positive experience. Ideas were brought up and were openly and positively discussed by the group. The staff involved seemed to like the design of plan. The fact that it is evolving, flexible, and that all have a chance to voice their ideas and concerns was a winning factor. Also, the accountability aspect of the plan was favored.


LSA members took the ideas created in this meeting and formally submitted them to Sandy Wolf in the Dean’s Office. Almost all of the submitted activities were included in the examples used at the official strategic plan open sessions. LSA has continued to get activity ideas from staff through email and discussion. These too have been submitted in time for the dotting exercise slated to take place after March 15, 2006. All activities from the original LSA meeting with Liz will be up for the dotting exercise.


LSA has received positive feedback from this meeting, from staff and those involved in the planning. LSA encourages staff to continue submitting activity ideas either personally or through us.