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Minutes: June 26, 2008

N410--About a dozen staff members in attendance


Library Staff Association (LSA) Representative Beverly Weddle convened thismeeting at the request of the Faculty Staff Development Committee (FSDC) toallow staff members to have their own forum for commenting on the initiative that the FSDC and Libraries is embarking on "Developing Leadership in the Libraries." 


Before addressing that topic, Bev announced that Ilene Raynes and Brittany Reed have resigned their positions as LSA representatives.  Please be sure to thank them, especially Ilene who has served and very, very long time (over 4 years).  If you can volunteer to help Beverly, now the lone LSA Rep, with the Association, please contact her.


Laura Wright then conducted the meeting as a member of the FSDC.


Laura reminded everyone of the mission of the FSDC to "foster career development in order to attract and retain competent and motivated personnel" and explained that "leadership development" was a component of the Libraries Strategic Plan that the FSDC was charged with addressing.Laura described the process thus far, a focus group of faculty and focus group of staff were formed to come up with leadership ideas.  The sessions were facilitated by Keith Lance, recently retired from the Colorado State Library. 


Suzanne Larsen and Beverly have sent out documents developed from these focus groups but if you would like copies of these again feel free to contact them or anyone on the FSDC http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/adminservices/committees.htm


Laura provided one example of the kind of suggestions that the Staff might have as a suggestion for developing leadership in the Libraries: that leaders regularly visit departments around the Libraries. When it was asked how that would develop new leadership it was explained that "developing leadership" was not just to develop new leaders, but also to develop the current leaders. It was suggested that if the current leader visited other departments, they would have a better sense of what is going on "in the trenches" so to speak.


The problem around the libraries was discussed about how it always seems to be the same few staff members who are on all committees and task forces.

There needs to be a way to introduce the leadership to more of the staff.


Suggestions generated by the group included:

  1. There may be too many committees within the libraries and not enough contact/collaboration with the rest of the university.

  2. A shadowing program where leaders shadowed staff members and visa versa.

  3. One staff member explained how in their previous department at CU, there were monthly presentations by different departments in their unit.  While this has been done at different times in the Libraries, it might be time to do this again.

  4. That department also invited departments from outside the unit to give presentations and facilitate activities.

  5. It was noted that many appreciated the On a Clear Day workshops that used to be given and maybe something like that could be re-started.

  6. Many workshops are given around campus, but isn't the Libraries large enough to maybe merit more leadership development/personal development workshops being presented in the libraries.

  7. More workshops like the ARL project management one.

  8. Program based on former University Fellows program.  Laura mentioned that Carl and Helene's proposal to this effect was received but they couldn't think of a way to implement it.

  9. More staff involvement on search committees.

  10. Some mentioned that much of the sense that the leadership wasn't responsive comes from the fact that they don't seem to ask for feedback very often from the staff. An example of when feedback was requested and given enthusiastically was the "dotting" part of the strategic planning.

A Libraries-wide follow up meeting with both Faculty and Staff and Keith Lance July 10, 1:00 in CBIS.


Notes by Carl Stewart. Distributed to Staff list, FSDC and Keith Lance.