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Minutes: November 5, 2009

Fall Meeting with the Dean November 5, 2009, 2:30-4, N410


1. Brief Introductions


2. Presentation from Dennis Gatlin, Colorado PERA


Dennis gave an enlightening “Shareholder Meeting Presentation” which entailed what’s on the horizon for the pension plan and what must be done to maintain it. In August, the PERA board members and general council started a series of listening tours to hear the concerns of the public. There is currently a lot of criticism of public pension plans. There are 438,786 PERA members in CO; of those, 83,000 are benefit recipients. He also gave an overview of their new proposal, the 2/2/2 Plus Program. This would be a 2 % increase in AED (money that employers contribute), 2% increase in SAED (money employees contribute), and a 2% cap for the indexed COLA (cost of living for current retirees). For more information on this proposal, other questions about PERA, or to sign up for updates from the PERA website, please see the following: http://www.copera.org/

1120 West 122nd Avenue

3. Staff Election Updates


Congratulations to the following nominees who have run unopposed and will now serve on these committees for the next term.


Campbell Committee: Carl Stewart (Preservation) and Bethany Levrault (Cataloging and Metadata Services)


Library Advisory Board: Lisa Gould (Acquisitions)


Library Staff Association: Laura Burfield (Engineering) and Dylan Wiersma (Administrative Services)


4. Staff Reports:


Staff Council—Jennifer Davis
Jennifer is the new Boulder Area Representative for Staff Council. Contact her if you have any concerns you want brought to Staff Council. The meetings are open to anyone and all are encouraged to go. They are every 2nd Wednesday of the month at noon; see e-mail for the Norlin List for locations. They had a Blood Drive last week (November 9-12). The University Staff Spring Luncheon will be on March 18.


Library Advisory Board—Meri Willet
The All Libraries Meeting is coming up on November 18th from 9-12:30 in the Center for British and Irish Studies. At this meeting they will have a presentation from the Green Taskforce, Colorado Combined Campaign and will have a construction update.


Other updates
Dave Anderson with ColoradoWINS says they are still working to form a coalition of Colorado faculty, staff, and students.


5. Dean Jim Williams: his comments & our questions for him.

The Dean stressed the importance of committees like the LSA. They are a chance to come together, get important updates and see changes implemented. There is no reason why a supervisor can say no to joining a committee, as long there is communication between the employee and supervisor and it doesn’t interfere with work. In many cases, joining these committees is actually part of the Performance Plan.


Jennifer Davis asked the following questions concerning the Laughing Goat:  “How much so far have the Libraries made from The Laughing Goat? How does this all work? What percentage do the Libraries get? Are there any restrictions as to how the money can be spent?”  Dean Williams answered that the contract is a revenue-graduated sharing plan. It starts at 5% and every year goes up. The first check for $1400 was received and goes to library security for the Commons. The graduated percentage goes all the way up to 20%. The Dean would like to use this money to make improvements on our end—computers are ITS but if furniture needs repairing we have a revenue to do it with. Word is out that it’s the best coffee on campus--it was noted that ¼ of income is probably from staff. LAB is looking into less costly things to sell in addition to what they sell now. The Laughing Goat is a successful endeavor.


An anonymous question was asked as follows: “I have my recurring question about why we don’t have access to our offices, especially now that we have that 24/7 area. The issue is keys to the building. Another is about the “policy” (if there is one) on working from home. It seems that faculty are allowed to work from home at will, while staff have much stricter rules about such things.”  The Dean answered: There are two policies in place: the Flex Time and Flex Place Policies. Staff certainly have the option of working from home, if they set up a contract with their supervisor (provided that you can perform your work from home). Please check the Admin Services Website for these policies under the internal information link. These policies are based on what is in the best interest of the libraries. There is no restriction on whether you are faculty or staff, but there needs to be a level of accountability and communication.

Concerning the first question: our contract with the Auditor says we have to have tight control of who has keys to building because of assets in buildings. In order to enter the building when the Commons is open and the Library is closed, a person must have an active Buffcard (be part of the CU community) to swipe at the entrance to the 24 hr Commons. Grad students’ cards have been encoded for graduate carrels area.


The last question for the Dean was also posed anonymously. “Now that all patrons are allowed to enter the building at 7:15 am, along with the staff, do you have plans to schedule an open service point on the second floor before 8:00 am? If so, do you have any plans to allow the staff to enter the building prior to 7:15 am to make a service point ready?”  Dean Williams responded that they will know more about the budget after the Governor’s Projection on November 6th. He is worried that another $115 million will need to be cut. The campus itself is expecting another $9-48 million to be cut this fiscal year. We do have funds to hire the Community Services Officer in the Commons, but we have not been fully funded to keep our doors open for regular operations. However, he will talk to Security about this issue of having patrons in the Library before 8am. The policy is that patrons are let in at 7:50am, because there are classes that begin at 8am in the Library. As of now, there will not be any service points open before 8.