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Minutes: March 31, 2010

Libraries Staff Association Spring Meeting 3/31/10, 2:30-4:00PM, N410


1. Erin Russell, Learning Coordinator from Employee Learning and Development:


  • Presentation on SkillPort (2:40 – 3:00 PM).
  • You can view available online training courses by logging into SkillPort at https://my.cu.edu under the training tab.
  • Copies of the presentation and a flyer outlining the system are available from Dylan in Admin Svcs.
  • Dylan noted that with performance plans coming up that trainings like SkillPort are things you can discuss with your supervisor about adding in your training and planning narratives.

2. Lisa Gould delivered a report from the Libraries Advisory Board (LAB).


  • The request from last August for a picnic table to be placed on the north side of Norlin is still outstanding and the spot for the table is not yet designated.
  • All Libraries Meeting on May 13th, 2:00-4:00pm

3. Jennifer Davis reported on Staff Council.


  • Jennifer has taken over Dave Anderson’s term through 2012 and Lisa Gould is a current at-large member.
  • Upcoming events: April 20th Day at the State Legislature (contact Jennifer to sign up), Ice Cream Social this summer
  • Staff are welcome to attend Staff Council meetings, but please give some forewarning so they can schedule a bigger room if needed.  Please visit the staff council website http://www.colorado.edu/StaffCouncil/ where agendas are posted.  The meetings are very informative on how campus functions and the speakers are fascinating.
  • If you have any concerns for Staff Council, please forward them to Jennifer.


4. Submitted questions to the Dean


a. I am in a position where I SHOULD be at a much higher grade than I am except I have been told there isn’t enough money in the budget for raises for staff.  Would it be possible to finagle it so that someone could get a raise, work 75% time, yet as a condition of the position, receive FULL-time benefits (such as PERA)?  Some solutions to this problem are REQUIRED.  It’s a slap in the face to staff that they keep hiring more and more faculty are hired every week, and then turn around and say they have no money for raises for staff.

It is not possible to work part-time and get full-time pay or retirement benefits .  Reallocations are possible, but require money from a vacant position to achieve as no new money for staff positions has been received.


Wage disparity among the Library Tech II class was discussed.  Concerns were expressed that LTIIs who have been here 5-10 years are still near the bottom of the pay grade and that there is a large gap between them and the LTIIs hired in the previous decade.


As the State determines when we get raises and holds us in a somewhat rigid classification system, a discussion on the costs and benefits of being independent of the State system (like the employees at Health Sciences) would be.

b. Is there an estimate for when PASCAL 2 will be filled up, and are there additional storage plans afoot?

The original estimate was a 10 year plan w/ 60,000 volumes/year for a total of 600,000.  We’ve lost all our partners, though, so there is space for roughly 600,000 more volumes.  There is currently plenty of room for us.  While the Dean continues to solicit for partner institutions, he is assuming we are not going to get one.


The campus is receiving some one-time money from federal funding to the State that they don’t want to put towards on-going costs, so the Dean has asked that they pay off our $1.4 million loan on PASCAL2 and clear that off our budget.  We’ll see if they approve it.


There will also be discussions upcoming on the costs of replacing the broken shelving in NORBAS.

c. When will we know about the 2010/2011 FY budget?

The Dean has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, April 6th at 3pm in N410 to discuss the budget.  The campus is focusing on attrition, convergence, and consolidation.  The Chancellor will have a forum on April 21st and the Regents will meet on the 29th.

d. The same budget crisis which has forced the administration to withhold annual raises to cover increased cost of living has also created a need for a hiring freeze.  Has administration considered the possibility that when staff seek positions elsewhere simply to cover their living expenses, they may not be able to rehire for those positions?  Has faculty considered how it will manage the daily operations of the libraries if staff positions become vacant?  Is it possible that by offering minimal annual raises to staff, administration might avoid the necessity of using more expensive faculty time to cover staff’s workload?

Cost of Living and Performance Pay raises are determined by the State, not the Libraries.  We are not under a hiring freeze.  The State has already declared that there won’t be raises again in July.  With a $9 million shortfall expected the University is unlikely to give raises to faculty or prof exempt either.


The Dean is seeing a lot of inflexibility from campus administration on things like comp time as well.


Other ARL libraries are taking large cuts to positions and personnel.  We are doing what we can to keep people and positions.  In 03/04, we lost several positions and never got them back.

5. Open questions/discussions


Continuing discussion on pay issues, particularly the LTII pay scale.

What does the University mean by attrition?

Cutting empty positions and not renewing contracts.


The College of Business offered some incentives to retirement-eligible employees to retire (a separation package).  This appears to require the department to pay out the packages, and the Dean said he doesn’t want anyone to leave.  Dylan will look into this, though.