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General Policies

1. All regular full-time members of the University faculty on active status are eligible for faculty study carrels. (Persons in fields which at present have branch libraries, or persons attached to research bureaus or institutes which have special librar ies external to Norlin, and whose library needs are generally satisfied in the special library, are normally not eligible for Norlin study carrels.)

2. Study carrels will be assigned for specific research projects that require library materials which cannot, or can only with difficulty, beused away from the library.

3. Study carrels will be for research and scholarship only and will not provide office or conference space as such.

4. Study carrels will be assigned by the Associate Director for Public Services to members of the faculty who are engaged in research, as outlined in paragraph 2.

5. Applications for study carrels will be made in writing to the Associate Director for Public Services, Norlin Library, N233, on application forms available from the Office of the Associate Director. If the carrels are over-subscribed, applications will be filled in the order they were received and additional applications will be held for the semester in case space becomes available.

6. Studies will be assigned for specific projects, but not to exceed one semester (fall, spring, or summer session).

7. A study carrel holder may apply for renewal at the end of the assigned period, but will have no priority over other applicants.

8. If agreeable to all parties concerned, double or multiple assignments to a single study carrel may be made by the Office of the Associate Director for Public Services.



1. Faculty members may not sublease study carrels assigned to them.

2. The Office of the Associate Director for Public Services will not open a study carrel for any person other than the one to whom the key was originally issued.

3. Study carrels have been furnished and equipped for faculty use. No furniture is to be moved from or introduced into them except by arrangement with the Office of the Associate Director for Public Services.

4. Damage to any furniture or equipment and necessary repairs or replacements should be reported immediately to the Office of the Associate Director for Public Services.

5. Walls and doors must be kept free of nails, tape or any other methods of affixing objects, curtains, etc.

6. Food and beverages are not allowed as per University Libraries' policy.

7. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to notify the Office of the Associate Director for Public Services when the study carrel assigned is no longer needed.


Materials Use Policy

1. Any faculty member planning to use an item in a faculty study carrel for more than eight hours must charge it out at the circulation desk.

2. Materials not charged out but needed for no longer than eight hours may be kept in the carrel.

3. Circulation Desk attendants will flag any over due item found in a carrel "Please Return or Renew" as a reminder.

4. All library materials which are not charged out will be picked up by library personnel.

5. Reference books, bibliographies and indexes located in departmental or branch libraries, do not circulate and are for "Room Use Only." Such items must be used in the department or branch. They should not be used in the faculty carrel.


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