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The University of Colorado Libraries makes every effort to provide library services for disabled patrons. Please ask for assistance whenever you are having difficulty locating or obtaining an item or service. If you need services beyond those listed here or if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Associate Director for Public Services (492-6897). For additional assistance on campus, contact the Office of Disability Services in Willard 331, 492-8671 (voice/TTY).

Locating materials

The holdings of the University Libraries are accessible through Chinook terminals located throughout the Libraries. Chinook is also accessible with a personal computer and modem. Dial-access instructions are available from Central Reference (492-7521).

Numerous other databases and library catalogs are also available through Chinook. Materials not available at CU may usually be obtained by using Interlibrary Loan Services (492-6176).

Norlin Library

Wheelchair access is provided at the east entrance to Norlin Library. Central Reference is located to the right and the Circulation Desk is located to the left of the east entrance.

Norlin stacks

Books identified in Chinook as located in "Norlin Stacks" are shelved, depending upon call number, on floors 3A, 3B, or 3C. Items identified as norbas on Chinook are shelved in the Norlin Basement. Journals identified "Per Room" are on the second floor. Elevators to the stacks, Norlin Basement, and the Periodicals Room are located directly inside the east entrance.

Throughout the academic year, a volunteer Bookfinder is stationed on level 3A from 10:00 a.m. to Noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays to assist patrons in retrieving items from the stacks. The Circulation Desk also retrieves stacks materials on Norlin Basement (norbas) items upon request. Staff in the Periodicals Room also retrieves materials upon request.

Norlin Departments

The five departments within Norlin that contain separate collections are:

Art and Architecture (artarch)

East Asian (asian)

Maps (maps)

Government Publications (govpub)

Science (science)


Staff in these areas will retrieve materials from their stacks upon request. Whenever reference desks in those areas are closed, staff from the Circulation Desk will assist you in retrieving materials.

Photocopy services

The Copy Center, located on the second floor, includes both over-the-counter and self-service copying. There are also self- service copy machines located throughout the library.


Audio-Visual Sources Available in the Media Library (opposite Norlin west entrance)

ViewingStation, equipped with a VCR, Laserdisc player, and closed caption monitor, for use by patrons with a hearing disability

VisualTek Large Print Display System with close-up lens and 15 inch monitor

Concise Heritage Dictionary on 56 cassettes in five-volume set (call no. 85-1) [Braille Cassette Player is located in the Office of Disability Services, Willard 331]

Webster's New World Braille Dictionary

List of Closed-Captioned Videos and Laserdiscs (available at Media Library service desk)

Adaptive Technology Lab (Norlin N310, third floor northwest)

The Adaptive Technology Lab is intended primarily for vision-impaired/blind users and people with physical handicaps that restrict typing. The Lab is wheelchair accessible.

Two personal computers equipped with special hardware and software, a black and white scanner, a braille printer and a regular HP printer

Speech synthesizer with a screen access program to provide a voice output interface

Wordprocessor that translates text documents to Braille, which can then be printed to Braille printer. A screen enlargement program that magnifies anything on screen is available.

Branch libraries

The University Libraries has five branch libraries located in buildings throughout the campus. They are:

Business (492-8367)

Earth Sciences (492-6133)

Engineering (492-5396)

Math/Physics (492-8231)

Music (492-8093).

The Earth Sciences Library is on the second floor of the Geology building, with no elevator available. The other branches are wheelchair accessible.

The holdings of all branches are Accessed through a Chinook terminal. The record for each item will indicate its library location. If you have any questions regarding the ability of a certain branch to meet your needs, please call them.

Renewing books

Books may be renewed in person at the Norlin Circulation Desk or by telephone. Call 492-7477 between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. to renew your books by phone. CU students have unlimited renewal unless a book has been recalled or requested by another borrower. Whenever a book has been recalled or requested, it must be returned by the due date found on the Notice of Recall/Request.

Facilities in Norlin Library


Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the second and third floors of Norlin Library.

Drinking Fountains:

Wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are located between the restrooms on the second and third floors, and across from the public telephones in the east entrance lobby.

Study Carrels:

Study carrels with adjustable table heights between 28 and 34 inches from the floor are provided in Central Reference for Chinook access, and in the Periodicals Room (on the second floor) for use of non-circulating materials. Other tables and study carrels have been adjusted to 28 inches in the Science Library and in Circulation Services. Others can be adjusted upon request to Administrative Services (492-8625).


A TTY telephone is located in the east lobby of Norlin, among the other public telephones. These telephones are wheelchair accessible.

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