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Art Galleries


Well, we really don't have a great gallery space. But up on the third floor across from Special Collections, just at the double doorway to Gov Pubs, there's a space that sometimes gets good work. And we have a gamut of stuff hanging around the walls. Check it out. If you don't like it, try the Fine Arts Building. They have a great gallery.


AV Duplication

Hard to believe but we acknowledge you can't do everything yourself so we've set up a place that'll do it for you for a price that won't sink your budget to far under. Conveniently located opposite the West Entrance.


Copy Services

Hey, you need to copy some copyrighted materials copied? No sweat! We have lots of nifty machines in one place on the second floor of Norlin called CDP. No one know s what that means but they have a bunch of copy machines clustered there and scattered around Norlin and the Branch Libraries you'll find lots more.


Computing Lab

Couldn't afford one of your own or wanted a T1 line? You and 24,586 others. So CNS has placed something like 200 computers, most of them Power Macintosh 7100/80s but there's about a dozen or so obsolete Pentiums available too, up on the third floor of Norlin, top of the west staircase and the center of Gov Pubs.


Disability Services

Elevators, restrooms, telephones, computers, book retrieval. Maybe we haven't thought of them all but please tell us what we've missed in trying to make things more accessible.


Information Desk

Yes, you can talk to a human being and ask questions. They'll even give you an answer! And they really like telling you where to go.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If we don't have the specific book, article, thesis, newspaper you're looking for, there's a way to get it without you going to Australia to find it. Come see us on the first floor just before you get to Central Reference. You'll be glad you did.


Library Tours

(also Instruction?)

Fact one: You don't know what all we've got here. Fact two: After we show you still won't know it all. But, hey, it's a start and we don't bite. Go to the Information Desk and sign up.


Lockers / Carrels

Need some place to stash those books and periodicals you think no one else wants? We have a solution. Come see us at the Circ Desk and we'll assign you a space where you can stash your popcorn as well as hang out.


Other departments housed in Norlin

Yeah. I know. As if this building weren't confusing enough already. There are lots of non-library departments housed in Norlin. Here's the ones we could remember. Tell us if we've missed any. If they make their own websites and tell us about them we'll establish links. Here goes:

Center for British Studies

Center for Environmental Journalism

Center for Mass Media Research

CNS Computing lab

Compartive Litereature

Faculty Teaching Excellence Program

Graduate Teaching Program



Presiden's Teaching Scholars Program

Student Academic Services Center (ULC etc.)

Student Leadership Class



Public Telephones

There's a bunch in the East Lobby between the elevators and the Circ Desk. There's even a change machine that eats your paper money and spits out quarters. And there's a "campus only" phone for the truly disparate. We wouldn't want to see you stranded.


Study Rooms

(also Info Desk?)

Want to get together with your friends and pretend like you're studying while planning that next kegger? That's right. We've got several choice places where you can frolic and party. Not. But you can actually use them to study.


Tax Forms

Ha! And you thought the university took all your cash. Well, to help you get ready for the inevitable, we've got some really fun IRS and state forms waiting for you on the third floor stairwell by Gov Pubs. Read 'em and weep.


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