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Bibliography 3010




No worse than a root canal. Don't let the description frighten you.This is a credit course which provides exploration of the structure,organization, retrieval, and evaluation of electronic information sources through the formulation of search strategies useful for undergraduate research. Basically, it'll teach you how to research whatever you want.

Course-related Instruction

A teacher wants library instruction for their class. Who they gonna call? Right. Library faculty offer instructional sessions during regularly scheduled class times on such topics as source selection, research strategies, evaluating research material, and the use of new automated tools. Each session is specifically tailored to fit the research and curricular needs of students. Fun, huh?


E-mail Reference:



You need some basic facts and figures, have some straightforward questions, need the time of day? We're not here to feed you everything, but we can help. If you have lengthy and complex reference questions you'll have to come in. We're on the phone enough as it is.


Expanded Reference



Yeah, well, we wonder about this ourselves. So come in or give us a call and we'll try to explain our in-depth assistance with research or explanations of specific tools. Yes, an appointment is necessary so we can keep the hoards at bay while we render personalized service. If needed, online searching of specific databases is also available to students, staff, and faculty.


Human Relations Area Files



Sounds great doesn't it? But you have to come in to be trained to use it. Yes, it's that big. The HRAF files are a collection of primary source materials on selected cultures or societies. The files are organized and filed by a unique method and are gradually being produced in CD-ROM format to make it more confusing.


Information Desk

That's right, there's a real human there to answer your questions or at least tell you where to go. Hey, most of the time we have student-types like you working there so they can relate. First floor defense for the working stiffs at the Reference Desk.


Internet Discovery Center



Not to be confused with The Discovery Channel. It's out in the open in the middle of the Reference Room, so you can't find it. Learn about the Internet, develop network navigational skills, and then use the Internet to retrieve information relevant to your research needs.


Online Searching

***should this be included?

No, it's not related to internet viruses or drugs. And don't try it at home -- it could cost you a bundle. But we have some qualified professionals here that could make you life easier. Not for everyone.

Outreach Program

***should this be included?

Under the direction of a Reference faculty member and a program assistant, this fantastic service provides on-site current research technology instruction to secondary school students state-wide. It works.


Reference Desk



You need help? We've got some knowledgeable folks here to lend a hand. Not only do they know the answers to your questions (we hope) but they also enjoy telling you where to go. Or, to avoid public disgrace, give them a call.

Reference Hours



Don't ask. Here they are.


5-6 pm


9-10am & 5-6pm




you're kidding, right?

Subject Specialists

Yes, they have a license to know. Some of them even have degrees in their field. Whether you need to know about Alaskan King Crabs or Zoomorphological Class Action Suits, these stalwarts are the field marshals in the fight for knowledge. Remeber, there are no stupid questions, only people. Now you too have friend in the information business.

Here's a list in case you want to send them a message or call them directly:


S. Speilburg




Im O. Temp




Im A. Farmer








Term Paper Research Counseling Service



Want to talk with a real friendly face? This is for you. One-on-one assistance for undergraduates by undergraduates is provided by appointment at the Information Desk. That's right, your peers know more than you do and are willing to impart the benefit of their glorious wisdom.




Climb aboard for The Magical Mystery Tour! Step right this way. Group tours being organized today, call now. Operators are standing by.


Workshops & Demonstrations

No, it's not the Bolshevik Revolution. Library faculty will schedule and present workshops on the use of the various electronic resources within Central Reference, including Chinook and any of the CD-ROM databases. Bring a comrade.


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