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Norlin Library

Committee on Recruitment to the Profession of Academic Librarianship

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Oversee the Provost Fellowship in the Libraries
  2. Coordinate internships and practica in the Libraries



  1. Encourage prospective and current students of CU-Boulder and other Colorado institutions to consider the profession of academic librarianship as a career;
  2. Promote and coordinate the Provost's Fellowship Program in conjunction with the Graduate Teacher Program;
  3. Create and manage a clearinghouse to promote and coordinate internship placements in CU-Boulder Libraries for current MLIS students;
  4. Work with Campus Relations and others to create and maintain digital content, exhibits, displays, seminars, etc. for promoting academic librarianship as a career;
  5. Explore opportunities for recruitment, teaching, and other forms of partnership with the University of Denver's Program in Library and Information Science and other Library and Information Science Programs;
  6. Promote academic librarianship through CU-Boulder's Career Services Office;
  7. Develop a recruitment strategy with Student Supervisors in the University Libraries (e.g. social functions that involve opportunities to discuss careers with student employees);
  8. Work with the Dean to attract fiscal support for graduate student employees and interns who may in turn decide to pursue a career in the profession.


Committee Members

  • Megan Welsh
  • Jennifer Chan
  • Sarah Hagerman
  • Erika Kleinova
  • Rebecca Kuglitsch, Interdisciplinary Science Librarian


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