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City of Boulder Plans & Maps

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Below you will find links to maps and plans of the city of Boulder.


  • In the Library
  • Online Resources


City of Boulder: The Map Library holds print maps from the City of Boulder, some of which are in the library catalog.These maps include:

  • Storm drainage maps
  • Sanitary sewer maps
  • Water distribution maps
  • 100' base maps
  • 200' base maps
  • 100' Planimetric maps

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: The Sanborn maps owned by CU-Boulder are all in Chinook, the library catalog. You can search for a specific city (keyword search: "[city name] sanborn maps") or browse by doing a title search for "sanborn fire insurance maps colorado." The collection maps approximately 560 cities, including Boulder, beginning in 1883 and ending in 1937. Sanborn maps may be viewed by appointment only. They do not circulate, and may not be photocopied. Digital photos are permitted.


Boulder County Nature Almanac: This almanac provides information on the natural history of Boulder County.


General Maps and Data

  • Sanborn Insurance Maps of Colorado: The portion of the Sanborn map collection that has been digitized includes Boulder.

  • City of Boulder e-Map Viewer: Centralized portal to GIS and map information for the city. Provides access to detailed topography, zoning, land use, flood, annexation, wetlands, ownership parcel and other information. Learn how to use the eMap Link by reviewing the eMaps Tutorial.

  • Boulder County Maps: A collection of thematic maps for the city and county of Boulder.

  • Boulder County GIS: This site contains GIS data on a variety of topics, including data describing the land and hydrography of the area. You can downoad data to be viewed in Google Earth or ArcMap (both of which are available in the Map Library).

  • Boulder County eMapping: This interactive map lets you search for a specific address. It then provides more information about that address, including flood plain information and location of nearby public spaces.

  • Open Space and Mountain Parks: Maps and GIS from the city’s Open Space and Parks division. Also has GIS shapefiles and other resources.

  • Aerial Photos of Colorado (CU): A collection of aerial photos held by the Map library from 1938, 1940 and 1946. We also have a number of more recent digital collections covering Boulder (1953-1994) in the library, contact a staff member in person to access these restricted collections.

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