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Colorado and U.S.

The majority of geologic maps for Colorado fall under the USGS publications series (e.g., geologic quadrangle maps and miscellaneous geologic investigations maps). In addition, many maps are found within USGS bulletins and professional papers. There are geologic maps published by many states’ geological surveys. A portion of these are in the library catalog and can be searched in Chinook, the library catalog.  Do a keyword search for geolog* and (area of interest) (see Tips & Tools for help).


The most highly requested geologic map for Boulder County, “Geologic map of the Boulder quadrangle, Boulder County, Colorado” is available at G4313.B6C5 1967 .W7 



The majority of international geologic maps in the Map Library are uncataloged. To find maps that have been cataloged, search Chinook. Do a keyword search for geolog* and [country name] (see Tips & Tools for help). Please ask library staff for help locating maps that are uncataloged.



Colorado Geological Survey
Provides geologic mapping, including digitized data for identifying geological hazards and mineral resources; technical assistance on topics like swelling soils, and school site and land use reviews; and research and economic development information on Colorado's mineral and energy industries. It is also the home of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. The CGS Bookstore has some maps and data available.


Interactive Geology Project (University of Colorado, Boulder)
“Digital animations and interactive displays showing the geologic evolution of Colorado and other locations”


USGS National Geologic Map Database: Catalog & Data Portal
Use the Catalog to search for maps textually and the Data Portal to browse using a map. This database was created by U.S. Geological Survey to serve as a national archive containing geologic maps and related publications. The database contains geologic, geophysical, geochemical, geochronologic, and paleontologic information.


USGS Publications Warehouse
Search citations for over 70,000 USGS publications. Citations are linked to online content, where available. Browse lists of recent publications. Check availability, price, and purchase options for publications.


Geologic Maps of the U.S. States (USGS: Mineral Resources)

“Digital geologic maps of the US states with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format.” Listed by state.


Tapestry of Time and Terrain (USGS)
This USGS site allows the user to digitally combine geologic and topographic maps of the United States by state or physiographic regions.


National Seismic Hazard Maps (USGS)
Part of the Earthquake Hazards program. The USGS provides seismic hazard assessments for the U.S. and areas around the world.


Ground Water Atlas of the United States (USGS)
Describes the ground-water resources of thirteen regional areas that collectively cover the 50 States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Some areas are fully illustrated; others are still under construction. The Map Library has the full set of these Hydrologic Atlases (HA-730).


Association of American State Geologists
Links to each state’s Geological Survey



Directory of worldwide geologic surveys

PDF available in English


An international project to create dynamic geological map data of the world at a scale of 1:1M available via the web. Click on Portal to link to the web map and instructions for using it.


PaleoMap Project
Illustrates the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents during the past 1100 million years.


"The American Geographical Society's collection of Antarctic geology maps were scanned at the University of Minnesota. The maps are of various scales across the Antarctic continent highlighting geological features and stratigraphy. The collection available for download here is the AGS's Folio 12 - Antarctic Geology Series."


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Geological Survey of Israel

Thailand (Digital Geologic Maps of Thailand and Digital Mineral Maps of Thailand)
This site is entirely in Thai. The geological maps are scans of paper maps, which feature legends in Thai and English. Each zipped file is 15-20MB in size. The mineral maps are digital maps, with legends only in Thai, but using chemical symbols like Sn, Zn, Pb, etc. The zipped files are generally 1MB or less in size.




Comprehensive database for research in the geosciences. Can limit search to maps.



Provides full-text searching for research in the geosciences. Can limit search to maps.


The National Geologic Map Database

Discover geologic maps and related resources from a variety of publishers. Search the Map Catalog for geologic maps and the Stratigraphy portal for geologic names, charts, and guildelines.