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Maps: Land Use & Land Cover

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There are several types of maps in the Map Library that may be useful in studying the land use and land cover of a region. Depending on the topic being studied, maps created by the following agencies may provide relevant information:

  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Forest Service may provide relevant information.
Topographic maps can show how land has been used in one location over time. Atlases may show land usage at different points in time. Finally, aerial photographs allow for the study of land use and cover.




National Map Small-Scale Data Download

Land cover: Impervious surface, land cover, tree canopy


Forest Service Lands and Realty Management

Provides links to several map viewers, including the US Forest Service Land Status and Encumbrance Map..


National Gap Analysis Program (GAP) | Protected Areas Data Portal (USGS)

Find out what lands are protected anywhere in the United States.


North American Environmental Atlas

Interactive map with layers related to land use and land cover.


NRI Map Room

(Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Agricultural productivity, cropland, grazing land, irrigation, land cover and use, private forest land, soil erosion, soil quality, water quality, wetlands, and other topics. (This page was formerly known as "State of the Land.")



Environmental Data Explorer (United Nations Environment Programme)
Display the data as maps, graphs, or tables. Data categories include: Land Use, Vegetation and Land Cover


SEDAC Map Client (Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center)
Interactive Mapping Application. Map Layer: Land Use (choose from "theme" in top right).