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Maps: Lunar & Planetary Mapping

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Search below to find lunar and planetary maps. Return to the Map Library main page to search for maps by topic.


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The Map Library collection contains lunar and planetary maps, many of which were created by the USGS for NASA.

Search tip: Include the name of the planet in which you are interested in your search in Chinook Plus. Limit your results on the left-hand side by format to "Maps."




Astrogeology Science Center (USGS)

Produces planetary maps and cartographic products which reveal topography, geology, topology, image mosaics and more. Check out the Planetary Map Index.


Earth & Moon Viewer

"You can view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, the night side of the Earth, above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe."


Google Mars
Created in collaboration with NASA researchers at Arizona State University.


Google Moon

Created in collaboration with scientists at the NASA Ames Research Center, this is a collection of lunar maps and charts.


Lunar and Planetary Institute (a division of the Universities Space Research Association)