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Search below to find political maps. Return to the Map Library main page to search for maps by topic.


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The following maps in the Map Library show boundaries or how a country or region looked at a particular point in time:

  • Maps created by the CIA – Search the library catalog with the phrase “Central Intelligence Agency” and the region you are interested in. In the format drop-down menu, choose “Maps” (for example, a map of the disputed area of Kashmir).

  • Maps created by National Geographic – Search the library catalog with the phrase “National Geographic” and the region in which you are interested. In the format drop-down menu, choose “Maps” (for example, a National Geographic map of Australia).

  • Topographic maps

  • Road maps – When you search the library catalog, select “Subject” from the first drop-down menu. To search for road maps of a particular region, enter the following search terms in the box next to “Subject”: Roads -- (Name of Region) -- Maps.

    For example, to find a road map of Turkey, use the following subject search: Roads -- Turkey -- Maps.


If you need any additional help finding political maps, please contact the Map Library.



National Map Small-Scale Data Download

Government units/boundaries: Congressional districts, counties, federal lands, etc.

Indian Land Areas Judicially Established 1978
This map of Native American lands "portrays results of cases before the U.S. Indian Claims Commission or the U.S. Court of Claims in which an American Indian tribe proved its original tribal occupancy of a tract within the continental United States."


Perry-Castañeda Library Electronic Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
Scanned maps from the library's collection, plus links to many other maps on the Web.


State Online Atlases (Western Illinois University)
Links to online state atlases.



Interactive map that allows users to visualize Census geography, including legal and statistical geography as well as the roads, railroads, and water layers in the TIGER database.



e-Atlas of Global Development (World Bank)

Interactive tool that maps and graphs more than 175 indicators from the World Bank’s development database. You can export maps.


Perry-Castaeda Library Electronic Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
Scanned maps from the library's collection, plus links to many other maps on the Web. Covers all parts of the world.


United Nations Cartographic Section
Includes General Maps (more than 100 country and regional maps), Mission Maps (latest deployment and political operations), and Thematic Maps.


Ezilon Maps

Includes free world regional and countries maps, as well as physical and road maps.



Africa: South of the Sahara: SULAIR
An excellent selection of links to current and historical maps of Africa.


Australia: National Library of Australia

Search over 100,000 maps of Australia, held in Australia's libraries, from the earliest mapping to the present.


Canada: National Atlas of Canada
Maps that show the physical and cultural geography of Canada. Also includes some historical maps and downloadable GIS data.


China: State Bureau of Survey & Mapping (in Chinese)

You may wish to use this Chinese number symbols page to help with reading scale, etc. on these maps.


Czech Republic: Geographical Bibliography Online

A searchable database with records for geographical documents (articles, books, maps, etc.). Includes links to online content where it exists.


Europe (European Union)

Map of countries in the EU.


Mexico (INEGI)

Includes topography, hydrography, geology, and much more.


Norway: County Maps


Russia and Former Soviet Union Republics Maps
Links to maps of Russia and FSU countries, regions, and cities available on the Web.

Spain: Catalonia: Interactive Maps (Cartografic Institut of Catalonia)