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Search below to find transportation maps. Return to the Map Library main page to search for maps by topic.


  • In the Library
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  • The Map Library has a comprehensive collection of road maps from countries and major cities around the world, including the United States. Contact library staff if you are looking for road maps for a particular region.

  • The collection also includes maps and atlases showing railroad lines throughout different geographic regions, with a special emphasis on North America.

  • The collection also includes nautical and aeronautical charts for the whole world. It is easiest to search using the indexes available in the Map Library.

  • You can start with a general search for transportation maps. You may wish to add your region of interest and/or a specific type of transportation as a keyword in the search.



Railroad Resources available online through the library


General transportation resources available online through the library


CO TRIP (Colorado Department of Transportation)

Includes the latest road conditions and weather map, as well as live traffic speeds and travel times map


OTIS (Colorado Department of Transportation)

Various maps by theme.


National Map: Small Scale Data Download

Airports, Parkways and Scenic Rivers, Railroads, Roads.


National Map Transportation Data Theme

This interactive map theme consists of roads, airports, railroads, etc.